Myth: It’s Hard To Get People To Agree To Do An Interview With You

why-interviewMyth: It’s Hard To Get People To Agree To Do An Interview With You

Truth: It’s EASY if you know how to motivate them

Here are 10 TEN Reasons WHY someone would want to do an interview with you as fast as they could get it scheduled!

  1. They need content they can’t create themselves.

The easiest and fastest way to create content is to suck it out of someone else’s head!

  1. They don’t have time to create the content themselves and it’s just easier for them to interview someone else.

Even if you know the topic yourself, sometimes it’s just easier to interview somebody else (that’s where you come in).

  1. They want to create content FAST and from a different perspective than they can do on their own.

We all can’t know everything. It’s great to get a second opinion or an outside perspective sometimes.

  1. They want to create VALUE for their target audience, subscribers and customers.

Anyone with a list they care about knows they need to add value to the lives of their subscribers on a regular basis. Interviews are a great way to do that.

  1. They just plain want an EASY way to create content and doing an interview with you is an easy way to get it done fast.

Asking and answering questions is easy and the content is valuable, especially to a targeted audience.

  1. They don’t have the technical expertise to do the interview and produce it into video, text or ebook format (and YOU do).

A lot of people don’t know how to do the things you and I take for granted. Even things like recording a phone call and getting it up for sale online are “magic” to a lot of people.

  1. They want publicity (in the case of YOU interviewing the expert).

Every expert, especially book authors, want to get publicity for whatever they are selling. Most experts are NOT marketers, so they need all the help they can get to spread the word.

  1. They want to make money (either through ticket sales, product sales, affiliate sales, or all of the above).

Some people are motivated to do an interview because they will make money. For some, it’s the sole motivation. For others, it’s a nice added benefit. Either way, if you can help someone make money by doing an interview with you, it’s a nice motivator!

  1. They want to promote something important to them (their book, a cause, their product, a website, etc.).

Again, most people are not good at marketing, yet we all have something to sell. Offering something for sale at the end of an interview is one of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate someone to do an interview with you.

  1. They want consistent, ongoing exposure through promotion of the interview content (especially if it gets published in a podcast, as an ebook, or put into an automatic autoresponder sequence).

A great interview creates content that can live on for weeks, months, even years after the interview. This creates ongoing traffic and publicity, something everybody can get excited about!

The bottom line: getting someone to agree to do an interview with you is relatively easy if you look at it from the perspective of what’s in it for THEM (as opposed to what’s in it for you exclusively).

Once you understand what THEY want, and give it to them, getting all the interviews you can handle won’t be a problem. In fact, the only problem you’ll have to worry about is how to juggle all of them, which is a NICE problem to have!

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  • Howard Whittington

    Reply Reply January 4, 2016

    happy new year

  • Virginia

    Reply Reply January 4, 2016

    You don’t know until you ask. As Jim states, there are plenty of folks who would be quite pleased to participate in an interview. Another benefit – you get exposure to their groups because they will likely let their folks know !!

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 4, 2016

      You got it!

  • Pete Pearson

    Reply Reply January 4, 2016

    Jim – excellent article – you have thought through a problem from another person’s perspective (the interviewee). The ability to do that is the essence of good copy writing and marketing.

    your post solves two big problems -one for the timid interviewer and one for the interviewee. Way to go!

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 5, 2016

      Thanks Pete!

  • Kat Sturtz

    Reply Reply January 4, 2016


  • Jeanne Michael

    Reply Reply January 5, 2016

    I have been using your tools for years. They are always full of HIGH quality info, extremely easy to follow for nontechies like me, and have NO fluff. This Interview Tool is another example of “must have” tools to succeed online. Glad I got it. Thanks Jim.

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 6, 2016


      Thank you… that means a lot


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