Karma Works Both Ways!

Most of the time, when people talk about karma, you hear them using it in the context of the never-failing Boomerang of karma… It’s going to get you if you’re bad!

So, a friend of mine told me a funny story about this.

She is heavy into real estate investing, and she had a property she wanted to renovate.

But when she went to the property, she discovered a squatter.

It is worth mentioning that this was in a state where squatters have more rights than they should when it comes to other people’s property. 

When she told him to get out, he refused. My friend (who is very sarcastic) looked at him and said: Okay! Karma is going to get you!

To her surprise, the guy responded: Who is karma? Is he out in the car?

He suddenly grabbed all his stuff and ran out the back door.

The idea here is simple:

Most people think karma is something bad.

But did you know that karma is also something good?

Let’s change the way we think about karma right now.

Think about the biblical concept of sowing and reaping… 

“…for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

Karma applies the exact same way.

When you put value out into the world in a genuine, helpful way, it must come back to you.

Of course, you don’t know exactly how or where that value will return to you… but that’s okay!

All you have to remember is that it will come back eventually.

Some people will look back and say:

You know what? I did everything I could to help people. I did everything I could to offer value. I’m proud of how I behaved.

Other people will be like turtles coming out from under a rock… totally unaware of what they did or didn’t do (or the impact they have on the world).

Other people will hang their heads in shame because they didn’t behave well and they know it.

Remember: karma works both ways.

We’re all going to get ours in the end (good or bad).

The Ultimate Reckoning Karma Has In Store For All Of Us

Karma works both ways! 

When you offer value, you’ll receive value.

  • Perform a random act of kindness for someone.
  • Help somebody. 
  • Be nice to somebody.

At the very least, I guarantee you’ll feel good.

And remember that karma will find you eventually (good or bad).

There are three types of people:

  1. The ones who know they offered value consistently and without restriction.

  2. The ones who are unaware of what they did or didn’t do (clueless).

  3. The ones who didn’t behave well, know it, and face the full power of karma in the ultimate reckoning. (Yikes!)

Which group are you in?

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