Maybe It’s Too Easy?

Maybe it’s too easy now? Maybe since it’s not hard, it’s not worth the effort?

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about publishing content in just about any form and using it to make money, either through sales or driving traffic.

In this week’s webinar we learned about E. Haldeman-Julius, the man who sold 100,000,000 “ebooks” 50 years before the Internet was ever invented.

He had to typeset those books.

He had to print those books.

He had to hold those books in inventory.

He had to advertise those books in print magazines.

He had to ship those books.

… that’s a HUGE endeavor from every angle.

Yet he did it and did it on a massive scale.

Now WE have the power to publish, distribute, and even print our books with the click of a mouse and a computer keyboard… without ever touching a piece of paper or licking a stamp.

Yet, do we do it? Do we consistently take action?

Or do we do something halfway and the drop it because we put forth a few hours’ effort and didn’t get rich on the first try?

Something to really think about.


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