Member’s Update – April 23, 2021

Here’s what’s been going on for members of The Jim Edwards Method Premium this week.

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> From Jim’s Desk

Be Open To New Inspiration

The single most successful product I’ve ever sold came to me like a bolt of lightning out of the blue.

It came to me fully formed. It sat there in my head and looked at me.

I ignored it.

It poked me. I ignored it.

It poked me again. I ignored it.

It screamed in my face. I paid attention.

I lost 6 months ignoring the idea until one day I decided to act on it. I lost those 6 months I could have been making money on that idea.

Pay attention to inspiration and then FOLLOW THROUGH once you act.

The money is made on the follow-through!

Happy Weekend! 🙂


> The Latest Replay

Were you on this month’s MEMBERS-ONLY, LIVE webinar training? Then take time NOW to catch up because I revealed my AMAZING new and improved Wizard that will have you churning out content, in just 10 minutes a day! (Really!)

If you are doing ANY kind of content marketing for your business, then you can’t afford to miss this next session.

You’re the FIRST to have access to it  – “The NEW Content Marketing Manager Wizard”

On this members-only webinar we’ll cover how to use this BRAND-NEW wizard to organize your content marketing efforts and eliminate 90% of the work.

You can use these tools and techniques to get more traffic, make more sales, and stand out from the crowd in your niche market!

Heck, I even show you how to create an entire week’s content marketing plan with just a couple of mouse clicks!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover on this incredible webinar:

  • Why consistent content marketing is the key for anyone who wants to rise above all the online noise… especially on social media.
  • Exactly WHO should use content marketing to build their business… and who should NOT (yep, there are people content marketing is a total waste of time for).
  • How to get started, create content, and be done for the day before your competitors can even decide what to do a FB live video about.
  • How to plan an entire week’s worth of content marketing in a flash.
  • How to consistently market your business with content… even if you only have 10 minutes a day!
  • The three-step process that virtually guarantees success with content marketing (most people get stuck on Step 1 and “vapor lock” for zero results).
  • How your ideal customer “avatar” factors into your content marketing efforts for maximum results (the avatar isn’t just for sales copy anymore).
  • Why content marketing ALWAYS just plain works (despite any Google Slaps… or Facebook purges… or any other stupid stuff that happens online)
  • A LIVE DEMO of the brand new Content Marketing Manager Wizard revealed in all its glory!
  • How to use this breakthrough new wizard to make content marketing easier than ever before (seriously… with this wizard and the others you have access to, it’s all over but the crying!)
  • … and much, MUCH More!

Don’t miss this breakthrough webinar that will finally show you how to put your content marketing on “auto-pilot” once and for all… no matter WHAT you sell or WHO you sell it to.

Watch the Replay and Access the Wizard Here –


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