Member’s Update – July 3, 2020

Here’s what’s been going on for members of The Jim Edwards Method Premium this week.

– From Jim’s Desk
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> From Jim’s Desk

There’s Always a Way!

 Online business ain’t what it used to be!

The speed of business, the economy, and change are all shifting.

What worked 6 months ago may not work now… and what didn’t work 5 years ago may now present the perfect solution.

Never give up… there’s always a way!

The solution may appear in a flash of inspiration… or through hours of hard work and thought.

BUT – the one thing that will never change is having a CLEAR purpose in your life and business.

With a clear purpose and a determined will – there is ALWAYS a way to reach your goal!

Stay determined to reach that goal and you will get there!

And for those of you in the USA, Happy 4th of July 🙂

Remember our freedoms are NOT free… and others gave their lives so that we might live in freedom.



> The Latest Webinar Replay

Did you miss this week’s Members-ONLY webinar? You can catch up by watching the REPLAY right now!

Checklist Secrets for Fun and Profits!

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Oh, and you can get your hands on the new and improved Checklist Wizard! Generate dynamic checklists with just a few quick clicks.

I’ve made a ton of NEW discoveries on how to harness the power of checklists to grow your business. Here’s just a taste of what you can use checklists for and cash in:

  • Generate lead magnets faster than you ever dreamed possible
  • Pump out articles to attract tons of free traffic to your website
  • Create valuable bonuses that you can use as click bait
  • Document your own internal processes for maximum efficiency and make delegation a snap

You’ll see me pull back the curtain so you can know exactly how I’ve been using these amazing checklists in my own online business!

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