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Here’s what’s been going on for members of The Jim Edwards Method Premium this week.

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People Buy On Emotion – Justify on Logic

You’ve heard that before… if not, you’ve heard it now.

People pull the trigger on any purchase, large or small, only if they get an emotionally charged reason (feeling) to do so.

You buy a sports car because it makes you FEEL young. You justify the purchase on the fact that you’ve “earned it” and you negotiated a great price.

You buy a minivan because it makes you FEEL like you’re taking care of your family and keeping them safe. You justify based on the fact that it’s got a ton of safety features and you got a good deal.

You buy trash bags infused with Febreze because it makes you feel like you’re doing something nice for yourself or your family. You justify the purchase based on the fact that the bag has a high tensile strength and they are on sale.

Notice a pattern?

3 parts:

1) You feel something
2) You justify on facts and features
3) You FEEL like you got a great deal

You have to feel something. You gather facts to back you up. You further justify on the fact that you got a deal.

Notice in the grocery store next time how many little signs show you how great a deal you’re getting off the regular price on small items.

Next time you buy something (ANYTHING) on Amazon, notice how you ALWAYS get a deal – you NEVER pay full price on Amazon. Notice how they always have some price crossed out and the price that you pay is always less.

So next time you want to sell something:

1) Make people emotional (stories work great)
2) Give them facts and features to back up the purchase decision
3) Make them FEEL like they’re getting a great deal

Happy Weekend!


> The Latest Replay

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