3 Secrets To Million Dollar Book Topics

If you’re looking for the million dollar book topic secrets every entrepreneur, author, and professional needs to know so you can find success with YOUR books, you’re in the right spot!

 Book Topic Secret #1: Solve A Problem

The bottom line with this is your book should solve a problem that people know they have and are actively looking for a solution to that problem.

As an entrepreneur, here’s what this really means: you will fail if you write a book that requires convincing people they need to read it.

This secret spells the difference between success and failure because the best topics are the ones that people are already searching for actively. Nobody is waiting around for you to stop by and explain to them why they should buy your book.

For best results here you should make a list of all the problems your target audience faces and then do some quick research on social media (specifically Facebook groups) to find out which problems people are talking about most.

Yes, it really is just that simple to go on Facebook and see where your target audience is expressing frustration and facing challenges.

That’s where the gold is.

Book Topic Secret #2: Pick The “Worst” Problem To Solve

One thing is for sure, you need to make sure you pick a problem that is pressing, immediate, and very painful for your target audience. That’s what I mean by the “worst” problem.

The most important thing to get with this secret is if you focus on a problem that “sort of hurts” or is “kind of inconvenient” then you’ll get very little attention and few, if any, sales.

You need to understand this is key because people buy on impulse and emotion… and high levels of pain and inconvenience get people worked up emotionally, which leads to knee-jerk / impulse buying (which is what we want).

And that leads us to the fact that you should prioritize (rank) the problems you could solve for people and then pick the one that hurts the most!

That’s the topic for your first or next book.

Book Topic Secret #3: Chain Your Problems Together

The important thing to understand with this secret is if you really want to make an impact on both your credibility and your bottom line, you need to write more than one book targeting your ideal customers.

That means if you just write one book, that’s fine for credibility as an author.

But if you want to make money with your books, you ultimately need to have more than one book available for people to buy.

It’s kind of like fishing.

The more hooks you have in the water, the more fish you can catch.

It’s the same thing with your books.

If you have a line of books that all cater to the same group of people, your chances of selling at least ONE of your books to a member of your target audience is greater than if you only have a single title to your name.

In case you’re wondering, the next step here is to take that prioritized list of problems you can solve for people and pick the top 5.

Make sure they are all related, but don’t overlap.

That way you can isolate each problem to a different book and create multiple entry points for the right people to come into your business funnel.

So there you have it! 3 secrets to help any and every entrepreneur massively increase credibility with your own book.

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