Myth: You Have To Pay The Other Person Money To Do An Interview With You

Many people who want to do interviews worry that they’ll have to pay the other person to do the interview. Truth is, a cash payment is usually the LAST thing someone wants in exchange for doing an interview.

Think about this…

Picture1Put yourself in the place of any host or an expert you’re hoping to do an interview with you.

You are:

  • Busy and don’t have time to waste
  • Stressed about all the stuff you’re juggling
  • Stretched for energy

The key for you, as the person trying to get someone else to do an interview with you, is to think in terms of WIIFT! (What’s In It For THEM).

What’s in it for them to do an interview with you?

“Pay” the Host
If you’re the person being interviewed as an expert, you “pay” a Host to interview you to their audience by offering:

  • expert-with-knowledgeGreat content for their audience – value add – look like a hero to their people
  • A Copy of the interview to do with as they like
  • Easy setup (you handle all the details)
  • Promote YOUR book / product / service with their affiliate link
  • (Rarely if EVER a Cash offer)

“Pay” the Expert

host-with-audienceIf you’re the person interviewing somebody else, you “pay” Experts to do interviews with you by offering:

  • Publicity for something they care about
  • Help them create a great product FAST with rights to the professionally produced product
  • Ongoing exposure through your continued marketing
  • Promote THEIR book / product / service (w/ or without your affiliate link)
  • Last Option: cash payment (one time or ongoing)

Motivating someone to do an interview with you comes down to knowing what THEY want and helping them get more of that by doing the interview. If you tie their outcome to the interview, the vast majority (yes VAST majority) of people will say yes to an interview with you (no matter which side of the microphone you’re on)!

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  • Rich Hamilton

    Reply Reply January 5, 2016

    Jim’s right! Ever wonder about all those interviews in newspapers, on radio, or on TV? Not paid. In fact, in most cases, paying for an interview would be considered a breach of ethics.

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 6, 2016


      GREAT POINT! Thanks for that 🙂


  • Virginia

    Reply Reply January 6, 2016

    Jim – nice wrap-up on how to handle people when requesting interviews (either side of the mic). As you note, money is rarely an issue in today’s world of so many ways to broadcast your message and interests.

    • BigJim

      Reply Reply January 6, 2016

      Thanks Virginia!

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