Nobody Cares About YOU In Your Sales Copy

There’s something you should know. 

Nobody cares about you.

And what I mean by that is nobody cares about you in your sales copy.

Think about when you’re buying something, do you really care about the person you’re buying from? Honestly?

99% of the time the answer is, no.

You don’t care about the person you’re buying from. You care about yourself, you care about hanging onto your money, and you care about not making a bad decision.

So there’s a technique I learned and have applied over time that I want to share with you.

Once you’ve created a sales message, whatever type it is, you want to go back through and look for wherever you’ve used the words I, me, my, we, & our.

Look at how you’ve used those words, because they typically indicate you’re talking about yourself.

And remember, nobody cares about you.

When you’re using I, me, my, we, & our, you’re talking about yourself… which also means you’re not talking about how they’re going to be benefited, how they’re going to be enriched, how they’re gonna get what they want.

What you need to do is go back and look at your sales copy and think in terms of you, your, yours.

Now of course when you’re talking about why they should listen to you, you’re gonna tell them, “Hey, we got this result.” But you also need to be careful to always flip it around and explain why the thing you’re sharing about yourself is important to them and how they’re going to see a benefit for themselves.

So, going back through and looking at you sales message to make sure that it’s all about them is part of “polishing” your copy. Literally go through and search for the words I, me, my, we, & our and see the context in which you’ve used those.

Then turn it around so the copy is all about them. Because in the end, even though we’re the most important person to us in the world, they’re the most important person to them. So, use this neat little tip to help you polish your copy. Hope you enjoyed it.

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