One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world said…

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

-Walt Disney

This is a quote from one of Walt Disney’s many speeches. You know Walt as the creator of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other beloved characters.

But did you know that Walt Disney was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the world? It’s true!

He took an idea for a cartoon character and, through his vision, built an empire that touches every corner of the world.

He was a thinker, a dreamer, and most importantly, a DOER of deeds!

But, above all, Walt Disney was a master at selling other people on his visions, and that’s what built his company into a cultural institution!

What does that mean for us in our businesses?

We can all get better at creating our sales messages (unless you’re already  making all the sales you want – which is nobody I’ve ever met!).But practically everybody procrastinates in creating those necessary sales messages.They put it off… they hope some magical “Mickey Mouse” character will appear out of thin air and conjure up the perfect message on the first try.

But in the end, the only way to make sales is to start putting your sales messages out there, learn from your results, and improve over time.

How do we get started doing that process of improving our sales messaging?

First, stop getting ready to sell. Start selling!

That means you put yourself and product “out there” and see what happens.

See how people react to your sales messages AND keep trying new things (using proven patterns know to produce sales) until you find the message that resonates with your audience.

Second, disconnect your ego from the process!

Most people are scared of rejection, or failure, or looking foolish in front of others. That fear stops them from even trying very hard when it comes to sales.

Why do they do this? Because if you don’t give it 100% it lets you off the hook when you fail (since you didn’t try all that hard to begin with).

Bottom Line

If you invest some time to discover and use the proven patterns that create effective sales messages, and it’ll change your life faster than any other business skill you could develop!

Why? Because developing the skill of creating effective sales messages will enable you to sell the world on your vision… just like Walt Disney did!

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“I FINALLY was able to learn copywriting!”

Teacher from Pittsburgh, PA

“Here is what I TRULY Think About Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards

Is that a decent headline..? I kind of came up with it on the spot! Lol

First off, I hardly ever think about reviewing a book.  I am not one of those people that’s going to put out a 20 page book review on a blog or even make a video and put it everywhere online.  I usually just tell my friends that I just read an amazing book, but I never publish anything online.

Jim, I mean this with a full heart and %100 honesty.  This book is a complete GAME CHANGER!!  God, thank you so much for putting this together!  Copywriting is one of the things I needed the most help with.  I did the 30 day One Funnel Away Challenge, read DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and watched various trainings on FunnelFlix.  Copywriting was one of the last things I wanted to know more about before I started building my funnels.

For me personally, I’ve always had trouble with reading comprehension, ever since I was young.  I never ever liked reading.   I will read something and I just can’t really remember what I just read.  It took a long time for to realize one thought that changed everything for me.  “What if I simply just took notes as I read?”  So I started doing that and I finished your book in less than 10 days.  That’s never ever happened in my life!  I took 47 pages of notes in Microsoft Word.

I want you to understand something.  I discovered you through Russell Brunson and I haven’t even really followed him for very long.  I was following some different entrepreneurs for a few years and they were…okay.  I felt like they “hyped” things A LOT!  But the delivery never met the level of hype.

I am so so sick and tired of people and “gurus” putting out “free” stuff for it to just be a load of crap.  That’s NOT you, my friend!

When I discovered Russell, I seriously did not want another entrepreneur in my life. I was already following a couple different ones and I was just kind of getting disappointed with them so I figured Russell was just another one of them.

One day I just said, “You know what.  I will just give Russell a chance.  Just one chance.  If he can’t deliver, I’m done and I guess I will never build anything online.”  I’m glad I did because I bought his DotCom Secrets book and through him, I discovered you!  I figured to myself, “If Russell is this legit, maybe Jim will be too!”  And you are, Jim!  You really, really are!

I’ve gotten copywriting training from other “gurus” and Jim, it’s not even a competition.  They are not even in the same arena as you.  You’re head and shoulders above them.

Your ability to take what seems like complex and hard ideas to articulate for someone like me with a reading comprehension problem, and make them 3rd grade level simple, is admirable.  And “admirable” is not even the best word.

I FINALLY was able to learn copywriting!  You taught me a skill that no one else could do effectively.  You taught me incredibly important principles that will change my future funnels and how I write forever!

DUDE, I loved how you talked about how the AIDA formula is BS!!  That’s what these other “gurus” told me to use!  Never freaking worked! LOL

At the end of the day, words can never thank you enough, Jim. I appreciate you so much and I am so grateful for you and writing this book!

God bless you, Jim and thank you for everything!

All the best always!”

Patrick Williams
Teacher – Pittsburgh, PA

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