Salescopy On Landing Pages – Need to Know Info! – SCCMH [Podcast 89]

Jim Edwards ( and Stew Smith discuss what kind of salescopy is needed and works best on landing pages. How your sales pages LOOKS immediately is important. Having a hook, a compelling SHORT story, and a dynamite offer is how it works optimally for you and your business goals.

You need to quickly inform people that you have the answer to their problems and tell them what you, your products, and service can do for them.  As Jim says, “It is not what it IS, it is what it DOES.”  Check it out and Jim gives some examples of the hook, story, offer process. 

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply October 21, 2020

    I’ve written a book it’s called skills. scale. sustainability and I repurposed this from a blog that I made a while ago

    I think writing a book is a great way to stand out and show authority also you can use it as a lead magnet (for example Traffic secrets)

    I remember Dan Lok used to do this when he was younger when people would ask for a business card he would give a book instead since it carries more weight and has better remembrance

    Also, I love funnel Fridays I have learned a lot from, you 2 maybe some time I can aks you to get me on funnel Fridays

    Once again thank you for your help and have a great day from your friend ADVENTAGO 🙂

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