Sometimes You Have To Just Gut It Out…

I am in the middle of a new project right now. It’s taking a LOT longer than I had hoped (but not a lot longer than I planned for).

I’m learning a new system… I hired a new coach… I’m doing something in a serious way that in the past I’ve only dabbled around with.

Sometimes you just have to gut it out and get over the finish line.

I know for certain that when it’s over:

1. I’ll have a lot more confidence in my ability to duplicate the process.

2. Because I hired a proven coach, I know I just have to do what he tells me.

3. I’m learning… and the next time I have to do this it’ll go a LOT faster!

But in the end, all the planning, all the tools, all the “getting ready” has to stop and you need to start moving forward.

And once you do, there’ll always come a point when you have to look back and look forward and make a decision to “gut it out” and make it the rest of the way.

In the past I’ve quit, or used something else as an excuse as to why I had to stop doing what I was doing for awhile.

Not this time.

This time I’m going to finish… and when I do, my business will never be the same again!

What do you need to “gut it out” with in your life or business?

Now’s the perfect time to get it out of the way and clear the decks for an amazing run into the last 4 months of the year!


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