Story telling secrets from elementary school

Today I’m reading stories at my grandson’s elementary school to the Kindergarten and third grade classes as part of National Reading Week… Talk about herding cats!!

I’m on break before the 3rd grade class (yes, I’m in the principal’s office but it’s different this time!!) and typing up these tips on my phone 😎 (that’s right principal, I’ve got my phone out during school hours!) 😂🦄

I learned a few story telling secrets I want to share from one of the toughest crowds you’ll ever play… 5-year-olds!!

Here you go…

1. Get to the point!
You don’t need a lot of warmup… if you’ve got a story to tell get to it!!

2. Length matters!
Anything over 10 minutes and the natives get restless!

3. Emotions create engagement!
Doesn’t matter which emotion. Happy, sad, excited or depressed… emotion grabs them and holds their attention.

4. Pictures matter!
Visuals are critical, especially for the attention-starved masses (think 5 year old who just snorted a pixie stick!) Use pictures to help spark and keep interest.

5. Know your audience!
Tell the right stories to the right audience… keep them in mind when crafting and delivering your story.

Funny thing is, I told you these were secrets to delivering stories to 5 year olds but these are also the secrets to delivering stories to anyone of any age… in any situation. 😉😎

See, I did pay attention in school after all 😉🦄



Ps – I typed this whole thing on my phone WHILE in the principal’s office 😂

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