Best sales copy for an e-commerce product? [video]

The question today is, what’s the best sales copy for an ecommerce product? And I’ll give you the short smart a$$ answer first… Then I’ll explain how ultimately people buy for one of two reasons. See these reasons by watching this short episode… Want to be the first to know my Sales Copywriting and Content…

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Create Sales Copy For The Front Page Of Your Web Store – SCCMH Podcast 5 [podcast + transcript]

“What You Don’t Know About How To Create Copy For The Front Page Of Your Web Store Could Hurt You”

Jim and Stew discuss this week’s group challenge in this new podcast episode. This lesson is designed for every entrepreneur who wants to create copy for the front page of your web “store” and sell more from your website without having to struggle for days and weeks trying to figure out what to put on that front page.

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