Event & Webinar Promo Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Get the Most Out of Your Event Promotion By Avoiding these Common Mistakes

It’s a big mistake to think event promotion is easy.

Sure, you can throw some posts on social media and call it a day, but that won’t get your event off the ground. To truly maximize your event’s potential, you need to avoid the costly mistakes people make when promoting their webinars, events, and trainings.

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How powerful is your mastermind? [video]

I personally belong to 4 mastermind groups. Now you might say to yourself, “Dang Jim, you’re in so many mastermind groups. What in the world, when do you have time to actually get stuff done”? So interestingly enough, it actually helps me get a lot more stuff done. Make your own amazing mastermind group: www.thejimboat.com…

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