Going Solo Media vs Relying on Social Media – SCCMH [Podcast 106]

“Going Solo Media vs Relying on Social Media – SCCMH [Podcast 106]”

Jim Edwards is fresh out of Facebook Jail due to a technological issue, not a content issue and he is here to discuss the power of being a SOLO MEDIA vs having to rely on social media. Did you know you can do a LIVE video / Q & A / Podcast from your own website and bypass all social media platforms? Check this out… What would you do if you were in Facebook Jail and had a scheduled paid webinar coming up?

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Free At Last… [video]

It’s been an entire week since we’ve had a Letting The Chickens Out With Jim… All because I was in jail… Facebook jail to be more precise. While in the clink I had time to reflect and learn some valuable lessons, while also formulating a plan on how to reclaim control of my business. Stew…

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