Member’s Update – December 11, 2020

Inch by Inch… It’s a Cinch!

I learned an important lesson some time ago. Instead of trying to do everything at once, make each day count more.

What do I mean?

Simple: …

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2020 is all about… [video]

Drum roll please… CONTENT! If you’ve got questions I have some answers and if I don’t someone in my circle does, ask away. Connect with me on Instagram: Join us on Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • LinkedIn • Medium • Podcast

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I feel like I’m in a social media vacuum…. [video]

I feel like I’m in a vacuum ☹️… Are you posting and creating content?  Are you doing all the stuff that everybody tells you to do in order to get attention on social media? Do you feel like your operating in a vacuum and that nobody’s paying attention to you? Are you asking yourself,  “what’s…

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