The Critical Differences Between A “List” And A “Tribe”

I hear people say all the time…

“I need a bigger list” or “I don’t have a big list” or “I don’t have a list at all” or “My list is old!”

“How do you reinvigorate an old list?”

“Nobody’s born with a list!”

Everybody’s obsessed with the size of their list and building a list. But let me tell you, there’s a huge difference between having a list and building a tribe.

A list is nothing more than “data.”

A list is just a bunch of emails.

A tribe is…

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If an 11 year old can do it, what’s your excuse?

If this ambitious 11 year old was able to become a published author in 7 days, you can as well. We’ve removed all of the roadblocks for you. What’s your excuse? Be more like Stella – Get it done 🦄 Link to the interview with Stella: Her book on Amazon: Facebook • Instagram…

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