The Critical Differences Between A “List” And A “Tribe”

I hear people say all the time…

“I need a bigger list” or “I don’t have a big list” or “I don’t have a list at all” or “My list is old!”

“How do you reinvigorate an old list?”

“Nobody’s born with a list!”

Everybody’s obsessed with the size of their list and building a list. But let me tell you, there’s a huge difference between having a list and building a tribe. 

A list is nothing more than “data.” 

A list is just a bunch of emails. 

A tribe is a group of people.

A group of people who know you, like you, trust you, support you, buy from you, and stick with you through thick and thin. 

A list is just data. 

A tribe is an evolving community of people on a journey together pursuing a common objective. 

A list can be bought and sold. 

The right to lead a tribe is earned over time by adding value, listening, becoming a trusted resource, and through service. 

A list can be lost.

If your server crashes, or your hard drive dies, or you lose a thumb drive… your list is gone forever! 

A tribe can last for decades. 

A tribe seeks you out if something ever happens and they lose touch with you (Facebook jail, server crash, database failure). 

I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me over the years to say “Hey, I haven’t gotten an email from you in a while. Did I get off your list somehow? Did your server crash?”

These are people who look out for you as much as you look out for them.

A list is measured by its size in sheer numbers. 

A tribe is valued by its number of interactions and how much people actually pay attention to what you’re doing. 

I’ve known people with hundreds-of-thousands of names on their lists, who could barely scrape up enough money to make the payment on their house. 

I’ve also seen other people with small lists, but a very strong tribe, crush the competition in affiliate contests and just overall business. Why? 

Because a list is just a thing. 

But a tribe is a growing, living, breathing, emotional community that can sustain you in business and in life for a very long time.

So my question to you is… what would you rather have, a list or a tribe? 

I think the answer is obvious. 

One of the ways to build a tribe is by providing them with amazing value on a consistent basis. 

The one thing at the core of countless tribe is a book… a manifesto… a textbook… a guidebook… a “bible”… a collection of ideas, principles, rules, and blueprints.

Something everyone in the tribe can read and feel a part of, almost like having the book gives them membership in a cool kids club!

If you are not the author of your own book yet… or if you’d like to write another book to build your tribe, I can show you NINE different ways to have that book done by this time next week. I’ve shown TENS-of-THOUSANDS of people just like you how to create their own books super-fast and go on to use their book to build a tribe!

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– Dy Witt

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