Are You ‘Forcing’ Your Business?

Are You ‘Forcing’ Your Business?

Are you an entrepreneur who needs to get things done?

Does it feel like you’re ‘forcing it’ in your business?

Let me tell you a story about when we were redoing Funnel Scripts for the third time.

It was a lot of work.

I’d spent the entire summer on this project. Ultimately, I had to redo 50 instructional videos.

I told myself, ‘I’ll do all 50 videos in five days!’

But I made a HUGE mistake!…

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Re-Creation [video]

Recreation or re-creation? After having one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in awhile (I didn’t do any business work), I noticed that I was more rested this morning when it was time to work… even though I didn’t rest all weekend. I’m realizing that when I’m idle (resting) my mind is still focused on…

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Staycation Tips for Entrepreneurs – SCCMH [Podcast 72]

“Staycation Tips for Entrepreneurs – SCCMH [Podcast 72]”

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith share some valuable information for the entrepreneur who is self employed to unwind during the stay at home order.  But for everyone, being able to do something safe to unwind and create a nice “Staycation” for you and your family is something to consider sooner than later. 

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Do this for 2 minutes… [video]

I’m working like a mad man trying to get a project done this week. This little trick is the only thing that is keeping me from going totally nuts… If you have a stressful week ahead pay attention. Sign up and find out how to get over $8,979 worth of bonuses here: Save yourself…

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