Your Story Is Just As Important As The Product Or Service You Sell!

What story do you use to sell what you’re selling? When you sell anything (product, service, coaching, or high-end offer), people have questions, such as: Why are you selling this? Why are you qualified to sell this? Why did you decide to sell this? How did it come about? How was it created? Why was…

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The Hero’s Journey Wizard Walk-Through – SCCMH [Podcast 32]

“The Hero’s Journey Wizard Walk-Through”

Check out this podcast as Jim Edwards walks us through a new wizard he is creating / fine tuning on the Hero’s Journey with podcast partner Stew Smith!

This is a great way to make a video, blog post, email, or social media post to get people to understand more of who you are. The Hero’s Journey is inspirational and humanizes you to your audience and market of potential customers…

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