The Amazing Planning And Execution Tool Everyone Should Use

If you want to get your sh*t done fast, then pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you about pen and paper, a proven creative tool you may not have heard of for a very long time.

The bottom line here is that this creative tool makes it simple to get your sh*t done fast by making it easy to get your thoughts out of your head and into tangible form.

Everyone should definitely check out pen and paper because it never runs out of power and works in any environment. You can use it legally anywhere and you don’t have to pull it out of your bag when you go through airport security. Plus, you NEVER have to wait for it to boot up… it turns on instantly! (I know right, amazing to think that’s even possible!)

Here’s why you should check out this proven creative tool…

You can use this tool to help you not only plan your goals and action steps, but also keep track of what you need to get next time you go to the grocery store. Think about the power of being able to instantly capture your thoughts in words, pictures, and diagrams without having to buy an app or software package (let alone be connected to the internet). This tool instantly adapts to any situation without programming, jamming or locking up. If you need a quick way to capture your thoughts, write a novel, or do a mind map, you owe it to yourself to check out the power of pen and paper today!

Here’s how you can put a pen and paper to work fast:

  1. Go buy a pen and paper today at Walmart. (You can find them in the school supply section.)
  2. Open them up. (Make sure to smell the paper… mmmmm, almost better than smelling glue.)
  3. Using the pen, practice making lines, letters and numbers on the paper to warm up the system and get it used to your style.

Next time you need to plan a party, brainstorm a product, remember to buy beer, outline an idea, or send a letter to your Aunt Mabel, make sure to give pen and paper a try.

Better yet, this incredible tool costs less than a penny a sheet and you can access pen and paper easily at your local Walmart.


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  • Paul Gouthro

    Reply Reply September 12, 2018

    Ha, you’re always covering my rants! Pencil and paper rant is covered in every seminar I have ever taught or attended. I have mind-maps and notes that were created in the 80’s I can teach from that PowerPoint can never compete with, ever. My always handy stack of 3 dozen HB 2 pencils, 3 section student scribbler(s) 100’s of them and my manual sharpener are my tools of choice. They have been the catcher of most every thought I have had for many decades. I and the tools of catching thoughts salute you Jim, and your superb efforts to have folks be more in all ways. Best to you, Paul

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