The Good Opinion of Others…

A while back I had a unique experience. This was the first time I’ve ever had someone tell me on a live webinar that I was going to Hell.

Yep – straight downstairs to the land of pitchforks, fire and never-ending suffering.

Now, I’ve been told to go to hell more than once in my life. (I know! Shocking, but it’s true that I’ve run into a few rude people.)

But this was actually someone who seriously meant it. She said it because of something I was teaching (specifically how to manifest things into your life by using a PowerVision Movie).

Now, I’ve got pretty thick skin. I’ve sold door to door. I’ve done telemarketing. I’ve sold insurance, real estate, mortgages, furniture, weight loss, burial plots (just for one day), cars, websites, and pizza (yep, even sold pizza door to door).

I’ve had doors slammed in my face. Been called names. Been chased off people’s front porches.

But I’ve honestly never had anyone tell me I was going to Hell (literally) for what I was teaching.

It’s an extreme example… in fact so extreme that it’s actually EASY to ignore what this person said. It’s too “out there” to even be taken seriously.

BUT (big but)…

What about the comments from people we know and respect (and even trust) that carry positive intentions, but can still bring us down and pull us up short?

How do we handle those?

Many a person has stopped short of achieving their goals and realizing their potential because they wanted the good opinion of others. This included family, friends, co-workers, bosses and anyone else we respect.

Be careful.

Doing something new – treading into unknown territory – has a way of bringing out the FEAR in OTHERS which they then aim at YOU (and they disguise it as “caring about you” and “not wanting to see you make a mistake” and more).

Don’t get me wrong. Sage advice from people you trust is important. It’s part of the learning process. BUT, doing everything you do and STOPPING doing something just to keep the good opinion of EVERYONE you know is the sure way to get ZERO accomplished in your life – especially when you want to make a change and grow.

So. Be respectful. Be courteous. Be polite. BUT DON’T let the fear of losing the “good opinion of other people” keep you from growing, maturing and doing what you need to do to be successful!


  • Virginia Reeves

    Reply Reply October 25, 2018

    Good reminder Jim. I try to remember to use this phrase: “You are entitled to your opinion.” You retain dignity, don’t put them down, and allow yourself to continue moving forward. I feel those people who spout off have their own problem that I do not need to make my issue. Let it go is god advice.

  • Tony Crofts

    Reply Reply November 10, 2018

    I remember that webinar Jim. I’ve played it back several times it was so good.


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