Things Won’t Change Themselves

running_on_treadmill_400_clr_1968I have some interesting thoughts every morning when I run. Funny thoughts. Strange thoughts. Interesting thoughts.

But I definitely get bombarded with them every time I run (and since my trainer has me on a 6 month running ramp up, I’m running a LOT).

I had a thought yesterday that kept running around in my mind as the miles passed.

“Things won’t change themselves – ever”

I rolled that around in a my head over and over. Seems obvious. Seems almost trite. But, it’s true.

Things never change themselves. Things pretty much keep going the way they go until acted upon by an outside force. (Momentum)

If you’re not making the money you say you want – you won’t start unless you change something (action).

If you ARE living at an ideal weight – you should continue to do so unless you change something (action).

If you’re not happy / or if you are happy – you’ll pretty much stay that way unless you change something (action).

As I applied this little thought to all these different scenarios while pounding the pavement mile after mile, I realized something.

It’s not that things won’t change themselves… it’s that things won’t change unless WE change something… and that something is our actions.

We can talk about … pine about it… analyze it to death. But the only way anything changes (good or bad) is when someone takes action.

Consistent action = consistent change

Occasional action = little / temporary change

No action = no change

So the key is to see what actions you are or aren’t taking and the results they produce in your life. Action. That’s the secret ingredient.

Just some thoughts from the road (literally) of life


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  • Larry Raad

    Reply Reply January 30, 2015

    Great thought process and so true.

  • BigJim

    Reply Reply February 6, 2015

    Thanks Larry!

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