Urgent, Important, Life-Altering

We’ve all heard we should do the important things first and not get distracted by the urgent things that end up of very little consequence in the long (and even short) run.

What’s important? Only you can answer that question.

What’s urgent? Crap that screams for attention but carries little meaning.

Funny thing is, urgent and important are often in the eye of the beholder.

But there’s one thing I think we can all agree on… we should pay attention to the “life-altering” things in our lives.

The things that carry the burden of regret if we leave them undone.

This week I took 2 days off work to go spend time with my dad for his 80th birthday.

I put off work… I ignored email… I skipped Facebook (gasp)… I even missed an entire workout (something that might happen 2 or 3 times a year).

All the urgent… all the important… it all got put on hold for the life-altering.

A few months ago we thought my dad was going to die from cancer. He’s now cancer free (for the 2nd time in his life).

He could barely walk… now he’s graduating up from his walker to a cane in a couple of weeks.

If I had missed his party, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

I have a sign over my desk that reads

“Regret is the real enemy!”

It’s true. Regret is the one mental pain in our lives over which we have TOTAL control.

Why? Because it’s our ACTIONS (or inaction) that cause regret to rear its ugly head. The main cause of regret is either things done or things left undone.

So as you’re striving to prioritize the urgent vs. the important…

As you struggle to set up your funnels, create your products and finish your books…

As you go about your daily “grind” for wealth, glory and a higher ROI…

Remember this.

Always be ready to INSTANTLY clear the decks to make room for the life-altering events (large and small) that come your way on this journey we call life.

In the end, those are the things you’ll remember most and actually give your live the juice we often find ourselves looking for in the urgent and important.

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  • Virginia Reeves

    Reply Reply August 28, 2019

    Such an important distinction Jim. I agree that regret is something you want to avoid. There are only a few things I look back on and feel some remorse for not taking extra action. Did the minimum when I could have done more. Take care with your choices and decisions because you live with them the rest of your life.

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