Using DISC Communication Techniques for KILLER Lead Magnets

  • Make better lead magnets by understanding DISC communication styles.
  • Dominate assertive personalities with quick and valuable information.
  • Engage sociable people with visuals and connection.
  • Attract patient and reliable personalities with “trust” lead magnets.
  • Capture analytical minds with accuracy and expertise.

Creating lead magnets or opt-in bribes that resonate with your target audience can be a real pain in the butt.

But…. Don’t worry! We’re about to delve into DISC communication styles and explore specifically how they can make your lead magnets insanely effective.

To do this, we’ll use the illustration of a real estate agent who wants more buyer and seller leads for specific examples of lead magnets targeting each DISC style.

1. Dominant Style (D):
The “D” communication style is characterized by assertiveness, directness, and decisiveness.

To capture the attention of dominant personalities, use lead magnets that offer quick and valuable information, such as a video on “10 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast” or a concise checklist for evaluating potential investment properties. Focus on highlighting tangible results in the fewest steps.

2. Influential Style (I):
The “I” communication style is sociable, outgoing, and enthusiastic. When creating lead magnets aimed at influencer personalities, engage them with visually appealing content and opportunities for connection.

Consider designing an eBook titled “The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Home,” with vibrant images and personal anecdotes and success stories of other people finding their dream home. Alternatively, a video tour of local hotspots and amenities could resonate well with these individuals.

3. Steady Style (S):
The “S” communication style is known for being patient, supportive, and reliable. Consider offering a comprehensive article titled “Your Stress-Free Guide to Home Selling” or a technical paper on “Understanding the Current Real Estate Market Trends.” Providing testimonials and success stories can also build credibility and foster a sense of security within this group.

4. Conscientious Style (C):
The “C” communication style is analytical, detail-oriented, and structured. For them, delivering lead magnets that emphasize accuracy, knowledge, and expertise works well.

A comprehensive whitepaper on “Real Estate Investment Strategies: Analyzing Risk vs. Reward” or a step-by-step guide to conducting a property evaluation can be highly effective. Be sure to use bullet points, infographics, and statistics that provide in-depth information.

What Type or Form Should Your Lead Magnet Take?

While the content of your lead magnet is important, selecting the right medium also impacts its effectiveness. For example:

  • Checklists and Listicles: Perfect for their quick, actionable nature (Dominant Style).
  • Video (Live Or Recorded): Ideal for capturing attention and conveying enthusiasm (Influential Style).
  • Detailed Articles: Provide detailed and comprehensive information (Steady and Conscientious Styles).
  • Technical Papers: Appeal to natural curiosity and analytical minds (Conscientious Style).

By understanding the DISC communication styles and their impact on lead magnet creation, you can attract more leads. Remember to tailor your lead magnets to your audience’s style’s specific preferences within your area of expertise.

Doing this will give you the extra edge you need to connect authentically with your target audience and beat your competitors like a dime store piñata!

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