Using the Quote Wizard for Content and Sales! – SCCMH [Podcast 97]

Quote Wizard in the Jim Edwards Method is a useful piece of software that can take a quote and help you create sales copy and content for your website or store.

Jim demonstrates a wizard walk through in about 5 minutes and Stew shows his latest three quotes that are most often used in his business and explains them in useful content and salescopy. 

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Jim Edwards: Hey everybody Jim Edwards here along with my trusty co-host Stew Smith and welcome to the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast.

This is Episode 97 on our countdown to 100, which we won’t quit at 100.

But we figured what the Hey will we’re counting down to 100.

Actually, we’re counting down to infinity.

But nobody really cares about that.

Stew Smith: You know what comes after 100?

Jim Edwards: 101?

Stew Smith: Yes, we are going to keep rolling.

Jim Edwards: So, today we are talking about something, and rather than quoting Stew, see what I did there?

I will let Stew tell you himself what we’re going to talk about on the podcast today.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

So I think the topic of the week has been creating authentic content, and how do you do that.

And so, I want to show you guys how to use the quote wizard that’s in the Jim Edwards method of writing authentic content. It has really been fun!

And what I want you to do is even go into the quote wizard today (if you can) and think about a saying that you personally use yourself all the time.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Let’s see.

Stew Smith: Do you have, one Jim?

Well, we’re getting, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Let’s talk for a second about why you want to use quotes to create content.

And before we even do that, let’s talk about how people use quotes not incorrectly but in a way that doesn’t add or build value.

So, what most people do when they think about content marketing, and again this is sales copywriting content marketing hacks!

What most people do when they think about creating content with a quote is, they go on Google, and they do a quote for like the quote by Mortimer Snerd.

Ok, Mortimer says always take great reading material with you to the bathroom.

So now, when I got that 501 speeches book that you told me about, it’s good!

Stew Smith: It is good.

Jim Edwards: I’m also seeing formulas in there that I may come out with like a 501 plug and play speeches.

And you just fill in the Stuff, and we’ll have a wizard so you can hack the speeches since most of them are not copyrighted.

But I digress!

So, the thing is what most people do is they go find a quote, and they go find a picture, and they slap it together, and they put it up on social media like “Hey, look at me, I’m great!

I’m excited! I’m amazing! I did something! Now, why am I not a millionaire yet?!”

That’s like okay, chuckles” It’s kind of like you.

Yeah, you found a quote. Yeah, you found the picture.

And yeah, you put them together with good for you.

But what you can do to take quotes and there are unlimited quotes out there.

So, you could literally run your entire business around this if you wanted to…

Is to take a quote to take a specific group of people…

And explain to them how that quote is significant to them…

And how they might use that thought to get more of the results that they want out of their life their business their spirituality their economics whatever that topic is.

Now you have created something amazing for people.

And you have also elevated yourself to the same level as the person you are quoting!

Because you’re analyzing their quote and telling people what the quote means to them.

So, you may not be on the same level, but you are certainly elevating yourself above the chucklehead that just makes a quote card about something that they didn’t even say themselves.

So that’s kind of setting the stage for what my excited friend wants to show you and talk to you about.

And Stew, do you have anything to add to what I just said before we keep going?

Stew Smith: No, other than whenever you are looking for a quote, or you love a quote, and you want to explain it to people that are in your market.

There are people that you are influencing or whatever you’re doing business with.

You can really make it apply to whatever you are doing by using the quote wizard methodology right.

It really works, and I’ve done they got to three this week.

Jim Edwards: Oh, wow.

And two of them were my own quotes.

I made up.

Jim Edwards: Your binge quoting

Stew Smith: Right and then and then the other one was something that I heard a long time ago…

And I just love it’s just one of those things that it and I use these quotes so often…

That I just thought it was good a good piece of content to write an article explaining why these quotes mean so much sure

Do you want to share your screen and show everybody where you posted and what happened, and then let’s show them in the wizards yet you? I’m sure yeah, I’ll show the three articles where they are because I did something that people might find.

I’m not sure how you would say this.

But anyway, I use the quote wizard, and I sold the article to

Jim Edwards: Excuse me! Are you using my wizards to make money for yourself?!

Stew Smith: I am.

Jim Edwards: Nice work.

Stew Smith: It’s a pretty good one.

And I quoted myself, so it was pretty funny how I turned that into an article, so yes, I can do that.

You ready to go, you got to show…

Jim Edwards: You got to try and share your screen, and then I have to allow it because I am the all-controlling wizard of today’s presentation!

Stew Smith: Got it.

Where are you?

Jim Edwards: You have to click share your screen.

No! You still there? Oh, my God!

He left, he cut himself off!

Oh Lordy!

I wait for him to rejoin us.

While we’re waiting for Stew to come back.

Because he cut himself off!

I will show you where the quote wizard is on the Jim Edwards Method Premium.

Jim Edwards: Hey, that we came back.

Stew Smith: Hey, that was fun!

I was clicking too much.

I just clicked right out of stream yard.

Jim Edwards: Were you ever in charge of nuclear weapons?

Stew Smith: What?! No! I just have a hard time with this one Jim.

Jim Edwards: So down at the bottom, it says share screen, dude.

Stew Smith: I’m sharing screen right now.

And I share.

Jim Edwards: NOW you are.

So, I’m adding this to the stream yard, and now we see the infinite loop of Jim and Stew.

Yes, there you go, cool.

All right.

Take it away.

Somebody said I scared you.

I don’t think so.

Stew Smith: Yeah, that was funny.

So sorry about that.

But anyway, this is a great quote that I don’t know who said it.

I just left it kind of anonymous.

But “Exceeding the standard is the standard.”

And I’ve got so many rules that I have when people ask me,

“Hey, Stew, what’s the minimum standard to become a Navy SEAL?”

First of all, don’t ask me what the minimum standards are because I do not know them!

Right there.

There are no minimums, right?

You got to max these things out.

So that is part of my coaching charm, I call it.

So anyway, I just wrote an article about it.

And I just plugged everything right into the wizard, and it could

Jim Edwards: You basically you quoted yourself?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: The gist of what you’re saying.

You use the quote that you came up with or that you remember, I can’t remember who did this.

But I was like, this is basic…

And this is right out of the wizard said how to crush the PT test and get through basic training boot camp police fire academies or spec-Ops selections without even thinking about quitting.

Right, so this is that was one of the titles that it popped out for me as well.

Jim Edwards: What kind of a reaction did you get from people on that?

Stew Smith: I just started sharing it.

And by the way, this was from the other day like a little mini-bio.

And I think you said this in a recent show.

“I’m the former navy seal that special ops candidates go-to for books, eBooks, online coaching shows themselves to get to and through intense tactical assessments and selection programs and qualify for service in their chosen technical profession.”

Wow, that sounds like the one-sentence persuasion wizard from the premium.

Stew Smith: That’s exactly what it was!

That’s a really long sentence, but it is – but it works.


So that’s how I did like my little mini-bio.


Jim Edwards: Very nice music that

Stew Smith: so that is what that is.

Let me see if I have another one pulled up here before, so make sure I don’t. This is my best one ever, and

“You never think about quitting when you think about winning.”

Did you come up with that one?

I did.

Jim Edwards: Cool.

That’s great.

It’s actually a great quote. It’s up on a T-shirt.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

And so actually quoted me once again and just walked people through this whole mindset because it really is a mindset when you’re talking about a program that has a 75% 80% attrition rate in every class…

You if you’re not in the top 10 20%…

Yust statistics tell you that you’re probably not going to last very long in that program.

So, it does behoove you to think about winning, at least being in the top 10% if you can.

Jim Edwards: well, but that’s true.

If you’re focused on accomplishing the mission, you’re not thinking about quitting the mission.

If you’re focused on winning the competition.

You’re not you’re there’s no headspace for thinking about quitting.

Stew Smith: Yep.

And there’s just this little section in the wizard that just pops out these really well. You have to put them in there.

But it helps.

It helps you formulate the bullets that go in here.

And each one of these bullets, I also have an article written about them.

And so, there’s a bunch of links in here for people to kind of do, so it’s almost like a one-stop-shop for people trying to learn what the competitive mindset really is.

Jim Edwards: Very cool.

Stew Smith: Right?

And let me just share one more with you.

Jim Edwards: Oh, excuse me, someone’s been being very busy.

Stew Smith: I have been.

So, this is one of my favorites too.

And I have made t-shirts out of this one.

And this one went to

On Friday, a Friday Focus article trained to compete, not just survive.

And this was the first one that I did with the wizard.

And just explains here’s a concept that I developed one day, and I think we talked about it.

Jim Edwards: We talked about it before.

Stew Smith: Yeah, recently, just how I realized I was in survival mode, not compete for mode, and it just stuck with me.

And took that into training and in preparation.

And this is kind of my story.

And even though and then I realized that like this little train to compete not just survive, I had to explain it.

Using those other article quotes like exceeding the standard is the standard you never think about quitting.

When you think about winning, they all kind of go together.

And so, then I was like, I’m going to explain all them I’m just going to do more quote wizard stuff.

And so, it came up with two more quotes wizard using these two quotes.

And put them on my website versus putting them on

But different articles, different articles all together.

And sure, yeah, so, I’m going to do a few more.

I’m going to do one called, yet you have to talk to yourself stop listening to yourself.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

I like that one.

I do that. I learned that principle from you.

And I actually I practice that a lot more than you might think.

I use that a lot.

Whether it’s in business or physical or whatever, I pay attention to what my mind is saying to me.

And that’s usually not the most productive stuff.

Like why are we doing this?

Can we quit?

It’s cold. I’m tired.

My foot hurts.

My knee hurts.

My butt hurts.

My arms hurt.

It’s cold.

No one else is out here doing this.

Why are we out here?

And then you have to overwrite that talk with intentional self-talk.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Here’s why we’re doing this.

This is what we’re doing.

This is what happens next.

 When we’re done, we can take a shower when we’re done.

We can have some breakfast.

If we do this at this time, then you don’t have to do this.

But if you don’t like adding extra stuff like one and a half mile time run, got to get this done in under 12 minutes no matter how tired you are.

And if you do, then we can truly be done.

But if you don’t, then you have to, I don’t know.

Do something else.

Stew Smith: Quarter-mile.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, right.

Just, it sucks.

So anyway, let’s talk for one quick second just to remind everybody before we go in and look at the quote wizard and then show you guys how it used how we use it.

But I want you guys to understand something when you when you’re doing this if you truly want to bust a move.

There are three parts to this thing.

All right!

There’s the quote.

There’s your purpose or the topic or the reason for sharing the quote.

The big idea.

It’s what does this quote is means to your specific target audience?

So, you got the quote the quotes the easy part then you got to basically what you got to do to hit the sweet spot is to tell your target audience why this is important and how this is going to help them and why they should pay attention.

Would you agree, Stew?

Stew Smith: Absolutely.

Jim Edwards: That’s where the value comes from.

Otherwise, you’re just some chucklehead making quote cards thinking that you’re doing something and wonder why you’re not a millionaire yet.

And as we all know…

Mr. Pickles doesn’t approve of this behavior!

So, alright now we’re going to share a different screen. Are you doing homework, Stew?!

Stew Smith: No, I’m writing notes.

Jim Edwards: Here we are over inside of easy online wizards.

And what we want to do is go mess with the quote wizard, so that’s going to be under content creation, and it is quote excerpt wizard.

Stew Smith: If you want the easy button, go to that little search button up there and put a quote, and that will open it up for you.

Jim Edwards: Is that what you do?

Stew Smith: Every time.

Jim Edwards: Watch the little six-minute and 34-second video that will explain how to do it.

And then this is I mean you just go through it.

Now we actually have time to do one of these. If somebody wants to share a quote with us, so share in the comments.

Share a quote.

And we will somebody said Mr. Pickles for president.

I will not accept! Nor will I see it!

The nomination at my party for another four years as your pickle!

You still their Stew?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: okay.

Stew Smith: I’m reading comments.

I know I’m looking for a quote.

We need a quote to do this.

Somebody needs to put a quote in the quote thing.

Are you got one, Stew?

Stew Smith: I’m going to I’m doing two more this week.

Oh, less is more.

That’s good.

Jorge says less is more.

That’s good like that one.

Not it takes.

So, my target audience is an entrepreneur.

Watch this.

My ideal mate and customer’s man is…

Ad writing and sales copywriting.

My ideal customer really wants to know how to make more sales online for your products and services.

Big pain I’m going to show them how to avoid with this quote.

I’m going to show you how to get that payoff without spending all your time and money on AD creation.

All right.

So the quote I want to talk about is the quote is less is more.

This quote is by unknown.

I mean, if you’re ever not sure, put in who said less is more.

And oh Lug Wood, let’s just refer to this as our oh, a phrase adopted in 1947.

Wow, but it’s an old architectural phrase, but this guy doesn’t get credit for it.

It’s unknown.

Stew Smith: I use it quite often for recovery.

Jim Edwards: Architectural.

Jim Edwards: A lot of people don’t realize that.

Stew Smith: When it comes to training, sometimes less is more.

Jim Edwards: Yes, I agree.

Sometimes I have my best run kinds of I don’t run for a few days.

That’s a good way to do it.

All right.

So this person is relevant to my target audience because it’s really N/A because there you go.

All right.

The big idea behind this quote as far as my target audience is concerned when it comes to AD writing and Stuff. Yes

The big idea behind this quote is most people tried to sell in their ads.

This makes their ads extra-long and less effective.


Because the purpose of an AD is not to sell unless it’s a direct response AD with a coupon or…

With a coupon they fill out with payment info.

The purpose of an ad is to move people on to the next step in your sales process.

All right.

Um, but how does this quote apply to you? Here’s how this quote applies to you don’t write, don’t waste your time creating ADs that sell, create ads that get the user to click, call, or come into your to your store.

That’s all they can do.

It can’t buy from the AD.

So use the AD to build periodicity and pressure…

Pressure to act rather than making a buying decision right there on the spot.

Stew Smith: Nice.

Jim Edwards: So, as a result of the discussion, my ideal customer is, should, and this will create a numbered list.

So first take a look at your ADs and see if you are selling.

If you are stop.

Ask yourself,

Does this add create curiosity or pressure to go to the next step in my sales process?

What would be one other thing.

Take us here to serve your stop as an as a focus your attention on the quality of your hook, headline because that’s where 80% of your AD success comes from.

And the last one is to write your ads with a “less is more” energy of keeping your language simple.

Short and easy to understand.

Especially when people are busy.

That’s close enough.

I mean, I’m not trying to win a Pulitzer here.

Alright, so what would I like people to do next?

Well, I’d like you to grab a free copy of my book copywriting secrets and go-to

I don’t know how long that took, but I don’t think it was more than nine or 10 minutes.

Stew Smith: Oh, not even.

Jim Edwards: So then we click build, and this is going to write the article for us plus it writes some hooks that you can use.

So less is more unknown.

This quote or excerpt is by an unknown expert and comes from an unknown source but originates from architectural training from the 1930s it 19th or 20th century

Stew Smith: Hmm

Jim Edwards: The big idea here is most people try to sell in their ADs.

This makes their ADs extra are long and less effective.


Because the purpose of an AD is not to sell unless it’s a direct response AD with a coupon they fill out with payment information.

The purpose of an ad is to move people on to the next step in your sales process.

And with the least resistance possible.

You should probably save this.

Click build again as I change something, and there you go.

Personas are to move people on the next step in your sales process with the least resistance possible.

Here’s how this applies to us in AD writing and sales copy.

Don’t waste your time creating ADs that sell create ADs that get users to click call or come into your store.

That’s all they can do.

They can’t buy from the AD.

So use the AD to build curiosity and pressure to act rather than making a buying decision right there on the spot.

I would change that a little bit like rather than trying to then force the I’m going to change it anyway.

Rather than forcing them to make a buying decision right there on the spot so let’s put this into action.

Take a look at your ads and see if you’re selling.

If you are, stop.

Ask yourself, does this add create curiosity or pressure go on to the next step in my sales process?

And what I should say in there is this process?

If yes, that’s great.

Keep testing your ADs.

All right.

So click Build Asheville. Does this ad create curiosity or pressure to go on to the next step in my sales process?

If yes, that’s great.

Keep testing your ads.

Focus your attention on the quality of your hook headline because that’s where 80% of your ad success comes from.

Write your ADs with a less is more strategy of keeping your language simple short, and easy to understand, especially when people are busy, which they are.

Oh, and before I forget…

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to know how to put this whole process on steroids, let me invite you to grab a free copy of my book copywriting secrets of copywriting secrets com. This makes it easier for you to write more sales or for you to make more sales online for your products and services without spending all your time and money on AD creation.

Dude, that doesn’t suck at all.

And that was like 15 minutes we created that.

Stew Smith: That was good.

Jim Edwards: Now you guys, in the comments, you let us know was this any good or not.

And while you’re doing that because we’re going to use this…

I’m not going to write this and then not give it to Nancy to distribute.

But here are some hooks for this quote for this post.

This is Stuff you could use on Twitter.

You could use it on Facebook and any social media to then drive people to your website as if you wanted to.

How to make more sales online for your products and service without spending all your time on money and money on AD creation.

Here’s an AD writing and sales copywriting secret to avoid spending all your time and money on ad creation.

Here’s the secret to make more sales online for products and services that so and so wanted every entrepreneur no.

So that’s some of those aren’t going to work because we don’t have a person in there.

But here’s something else that this does for you.

It’s pretty cool.

You can download this as a DOCX file.

And so you could if you really wanted to, you could go find 100 quotes.

You could do this 100 times.

And you could literally write a book with this thing.

I’d be one way you could do this.

You think about it.

Here’s a page in your book.

All right, you would take this part out.


But there you go.

Or let’s say you wanted to do this as I would most likely want to do this as a maybe as part of a webinar or as part of it’s just a Facebook Live or as a something.

Here’s the whole thing as a PowerPoint slide deck just puts it all in, and you would just need to format this a little bit.

But here it is.

It’s a PowerPoint slide deck.

One of the things that I would do, especially with this word Doc watch this.

What I’m getting ready to do, Stew?

I’m going to show you all how I would do this.

I’m printing that off, and those are. Oh, I wouldn’t remember what to say.


Hang on.

Stew Smith: Let’s read it.

Jim Edwards: So here we have a selfie stick that can double as an improvised weapon. If you’re at a protest or something, here’s my phone, which is my mobile movie studio.

So I secure this on a said stick.

If you do, you use this to attack somebody, don’t hit them with the phone end.

And now here’s my thing that I just printed out, right?

So it’s got all my talking points on it.

Watch this.

I’m going to take a piece of this thing.

You may have heard of it.

It’s called cellophane tape.

I’m going to tape this right here.

And now I can have my notes right here and talk right into the camera.

And that’s how I could deliver this as a Facebook Live and keep myself on track.

Oh, sneaky, huh?

So that’s what you can do.

And use quotes all day long.

You could. Wow.

The biggest thing is if you wanted to, you could do a quote every day.

And you can do a quote every day for the rest of your life, and you would never even scratch the surface of all the potential quotes there are in the world.

Oh, you could do it.

You could do Jim’s quote of the day.

Well, I wouldn’t do Jim’s quote of the day well you can please send them to and but like one of the things that I could do is I could go out search all the copywriters all the famous copywriters grab the grab a quote from each one.

And I could do Jim’s famous copywriter quotes of the day.

And then I share the quote.

And then I tell them what it means and how they could do it.

And then I end with a pitch to come to the Jim Edwards method premium or to come and check out my book or what have you.

So there’s that’s a pretty cool little simple business model that everybody could follow if you’re looking for a way to do daily content.


Stew Smith: And it’s really easy.

It’s fun.

I’ve been having fun with it.

And where I’m using it the most is when people ask me a question.

And my answer is the same answer.

Like when somebody says, hey, what can I do to be a better runner?


And I usually started off with, Well, that depends.


So that’s it?

That’s the quote. It depends, right?

And explain why it depends on the bullets, right?

It depends.

If you’re running for a marathon, if you’re running a sprint, if you’re running for a timed run, it depends.

Are you a beginner runner?

Are you just susceptible to shin splints?

All of those things?

Depend on my answer.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: So ask a better question.

I probably won’t have to say it depends.

But that’s part of my training to people is…

Ask better questions.

It depends too.

But there’s another one too for swimming.

 If you ever watched any of my swim videos, I say here’s the sequence to the stroke, pull, breathe, kick, glide for one Mississippi two Mississippi start the next stroke.


So pull brief kick glide is a quote that I’m going to explain that using the quote wizard and why that matters, right?

So it’s just great content of Stew ff that now when somebody says hey, how do I do this swimming stroke just send them right to that article that also has here you can buy this book also has swimming workouts in them to help you along your way.

So all right, there you go.

It’s great.

There you go.

Love it.

Jim Edwards: So awesome.

Well, that pretty much does it for this episode of the Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast.

If you don’t have a copy of my book, copywriting secrets.

I’d love to send you one.

I have some left in boxes in the warehouse.

I have no idea how many we have left, so you can grab yours while supplies last.

Go to

Literally for like nine bucks shipping and handling.

I’ll send you the book, and you can get other goodies as well.

And Stew, if people want to get in amazing shape whether they want to go become a Navy SEAL or they just don’t want to be fat and 40 but fabulous and 40 or sab and 50 as we are now, what is the 50 thing?

What is it five and 50, or you’re not you’d never be fat?

Jim Edwards: Not on that level fit and 50 Yeah, but after 50 bit after.

I will say this.

Stew Smith: Yes, Stew Smith, and you will also see an article section that is my blog there. Where you can see how I test out a lot of these wizards.

And my last two, the top two that would be on the blog section or article section, are two wizards that I just did.

I just showed you with quotes.

That’s awesome, though.


And they’re really good.

And it’s not just because I made the wizard that Stew used.

Linda says I have the book and love it one of the best with explanations and more.


Well, thank you, Linda.

And I do have to say when I met Steve, I wasn’t in great shape.

I was in better shape than I had been before.

But Stew really did help me to get into amazing shape.

So you don’t have to or what I would consider amazing shape relatively speaking to the fat, slovenly thing I was there for a while.

But if you want to learn how to get into better shape, it can really help.

You don’t have to want to be a cop or a SWAT team guy or a Green Beret, or a seal.

Stew dent can help you avoid injury and develop a specific workout plan that will get you the results you want no matter where you are.

Jim Edwards: So check it out.

Yeah, I’m just going through the top 10 of the last 10 articles that I wrote on my blog, and four of them were done by wizards.

Jim Edwards: Wow.That kind of sucks dude. Only four?

Just kidding, that’s awesome.

All right.

Well, I will talk to you guys soon.

Stew thanks again, and we will work for those of you who are watching us live.

We’re going to take next week off, but then we will see you the following week.

Thanks a lot, everybody.

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