Want To Be A Rock Star Celebrity In Your Niche Market?

If you wanna be a rockstar in your niche, create your own book that proves you know your stuff. Everyone can do it! Here are seven (7) reasons plus a bonus on why everyone – including you – can – and should – have your own book done by next week.

Instant Credibility
Nothing screams credibility to your target audience like being the author of your own real, legitimate book published on Amazon. Even if people never read it, the fact that they see you as an author is an instant credibility builder with your audience.

Huge Confidence Boost
Think about how you’ll feel when you hold up your book in front of an audience (or on a Facebook Live) and show people that you literally “wrote the book on it!” You’ll look at yourself in the mirror differently for the rest of your life. If you’re ever having a bad day, you can look down at that book and know you’ve done something significant!

Make Your Family Proud
Think about how proud your parents, your spouse, your kids will be over the fact that you are a published author on Amazon… even if they personally have no interest in the topic. They’ll still think it’s cool you’re a published author.

Bragging Rights
Imagine the look on your friends and old schoolmates when they see your name on your own book. Picture yourself showing people on Facebook who you used to go to school with that you’re now a published author. It’s an awesome way to make old flames jealous of how successful you turned out to be.

Get A Raise At Work
Want to separate yourself from everybody else at your job, assuming you still have one? Writing a book is an amazing way to stand out on the corporate ladder.

Resume Booster
Think about this. If you are applying for a job, or trying to get hired for a consulting gig, sending a book along with your resume will spank anyone else you’re in the running against.

Coaching / Speaking / Membership Builder
Make your coaching or membership site stand out from everybody else’s. Speakers want to be authors. Coaches want to be speakers… and everybody wants to be an author because they know the credibility it gives you from the stage and everything else you’re doing. Plus, you can then convert your book buyers into your membership site for recurring revenue!

By the way, just because I can show you how to have your own unique, original book done in less than a week doesn’t mean you have to tell anybody it didn’t take you 18 hours a day for 18 months to create! They don’t need to know… the “7 day shortcut” will be our little secret. 😊

Let’s get started! Head on over to https://7DayEbook.com right now and you can start getting your book done in the next 5 minutes!

“I will write a number of books this year following this method”

7DayEbook-Version 2“Love the ebook- I read it in one sitting and was so inspired by the content!

Although I’ve not taken the decisive action expected as a result of reading the book and taking the course, I have to say it has helped me immeasurably with really drilling down into what I want to share/sell with/to people moving forward and I expect I will write a number of books this year following this method.

I have already started mapping out three new business ideas just from engaging in the activities around creating the book!”

– Neil Murphy

Want to be an author by this time next week? Get started here!

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