Weekly Update – April 24, 2019

A Note From Jim

“Success Starts with a Decision”

50% of people fail in online business because they never get started.

40% quit when the first thing they try doesn’t work out perfectly and make them rich the first week.

7% slack off right before they’re about to make it BIG – they end up just puttering along.

3% achieve what most people would consider amazing success, go into orbit and reach ROCKSTAR levels.

Want to be a ROCKSTAR?

No problem.

Step 1 – Decide right now that you will NOT quit! (You’re immediately halfway there)

Step 2 – Decide right now that you will commit to learning and growing. Understand that setbacks and mistakes are only temporary! (You’re now 90% there)

Step 3 – Decide that when things start panning out for you, you will NOT take your foot off the gas. When things go well, you’ll work EVEN HARDER!

Step 4 – Decide how much is “enough” and find the balance of work, life, love and play

Congratulations… you just got 90% of the way to your dream just by DECIDING to do it and getting your mindset right!

Now you just have to put the pedal to the metal and make it happen. And I can think of no finer way to do that than to join me on the One Funnel Away Challenge this week!


So what are you waiting for? Now is the time that YOU Decide

to finally go for what you want!


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Spotlight on The One Funnel Away Challenge

Time is running out!

Have you done the One Funnel Away Challenge from ClickFunnels or are you planning to do it in the future?

I’ve got the secret to getting your funnels done as FAST as possible!

The #1 roadblock to being successful with the OFA Challenge is you have to have a great hook. If you don’t, game over.

That’s why I created the “OFA Copy Hacks”! It’s a way for you to get the day-by-day and step-by-step training that gives you an almost unfair advantage for success. I’ll walk you through the process of creating the copy you need to complete the challenge quickly and without getting overwhelmed.

Sound good?

Then don’t wait to grab one of the spots in the next class coming up FAST!

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People want what they can’t have… including bagels!

Well, it’s just human nature to want what you can’t have. Now, you just need to work that into your sales copy to use it to your advantage…

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