Weekly Update – August 14, 2019

A Note From Jim

Two Is One. One Is None!

Two is one. One is none. That’s a phrase I first heard when learning how to shoot rifles from a former US Army Green Beret.

When he first said it, I had no clue what he meant. Later that week I learned exactly what he meant.

One of the guys in our class broke his pistol. Not sure how, but he did it.

The instructor asked him to grab his replacement so we could continue the class. The student looked at him dumbfounded.

After the student explained he had no backup weapon, I lent him my backup gun and the class continued.

After class was over we all got a very pointed and succinct lecture on the concept of “Two Is One. One Is None!”

When you have something mission-critical in your life or business (gun, computer, phone, microphone, keys, video camera, water filter, rolls of toilet paper 🙂 etc.) you should always have at least one backup.

You should have TWO of everything (yes, you should have a backup computer on hand) “just in case” your primary goes down.

Not only can it save your business, it can also save your life!

This lesson came home to me just yesterday when our house got hit by lightning. Despite extensive preparation, we lost a printer, a TiVo, and several USB ports on a couple of computers.

But, because we have redundant backups, this turned NOT into a catastrophe, but rather a minor inconvenience.

Two Is One. One Is None!

Words to live by!


The Difference Between Inconvenience and Disaster

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