Weekly Update – December 1, 2018

A Note From Jim

Think about this…

“A bucket that’s 10% full of gold is worth a LOT MORE than a bucket that’s 100% full of sand (no matter how pretty and white the sand)… and the gold-filled bucket still has 90% of the room left for things (other than work) that are truly important to you.”

– Jim


Did You Miss This?

Do you feel like you’re tapped out on time and mental energy much of the time? You’re certainly not alone! We’re flooded with data and information daily from every direction.

Things can get messy.  But I’ve come up with a few suggestions to clean things up.

In this latest blog post you’ll learn the counter-intuitive way I’ve found to get rid of all the crap that’s not working for you and clear space for what you want most right now!

Click Here and you’ll see what I mean

Quick Demo Video

If you didn’t see it, I ran a quick 5-minute video to demonstrate how to come up with headlines FAST! Headlines are the most important part of any of your sales copy and even your content marketing strategy.

Take a 5-minute break right now and you’ll see what I mean.

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What exactly is the Jim Boat?

In short, the Jim Boat is an amazing experience at sea where you come together with dozens and dozens of your soon-to-be best friends to discover life changing and business changing secrets, tips, and tools…

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Are you camping out on the machine?

In this post, Jim goes on a small rant about an experience had in the gym while enjoying a cruise. He uses this experience to deliver tips about “camping out” on your responsibilities and how to just buckle down an move forward.

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