Weekly Update – February 21, 2019

A Note From Jim

Most Everyone Does it Backwards!

Why do the vast majority of online businesses fail, or never get off the ground?

It’s because nearly everyone approaches it the wrong way.

The problem is, they come up with a product idea first, and then they desperately try to find someone to buy it! Their chances at success are slim to none because they’re doing it backwards.

Instead, you need to identify your niche FIRST, and then figure out what they already WANT to buy.

How do you know when you have a good niche?

First and foremost, you must remember that a niche is a group of PEOPLE, not keyword counts.

Next, your target market must have ALL of these characteristics to succeed…

* They must have a BIG PROBLEM they want solved

* They must KNOW they have the problem

* They must be ACTIVELY LOOKING for a solution online

* They must be willing to PAY for a solution online

* There must be lots of opportunities to ADVERTISE to this market online

* It must be something you’re PASSIONATE about and with which you have EXPERIENCE

Identify a niche that hits ALL of these requirements, with none of them missing, and you have a good foundation on which to build a ROCK-SOLID business.

So if you’re trying to create a product but aren’t yet crystal clear on WHO is going to buy it. STOP! Go back and identify a good target market FIRST using this filter and your chances at success grow exponentially!


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