Weekly Update – June 20, 2019


Spotlight on The Jim Boat

Act Fast or You Really Will Miss Out!

We are running out of cabins for this amazing opportunity! Only 5 cabins left!

Join us on the Make More Sales Millionaire Mastermind Cruise so you can…

  • Hang out with Jim and his millionaire friends
  • Learn “insider methods” to making more sales in your business
  • Have the MOST FUN you’ve ever had while growing your business!

Specific Topics We’ll Cover on This Jim Boat

  • Sales Story Secrets– how to sell with stories in any situation and for any purpose… how to change people’s emotional state with compelling stories that make them pull out their wallets and buy now…
  • Facebook Live Selling Secrets– how to sell more live on Facebook, even if you have a tiny audience and are just getting started…
  • Killer Sales Hooks– how to hook people into your sales messages so they’re eager to buy, even at premium prices…
  • Amazing Offer Formulas– how to position any product, service, book or software as the BEST option in any situation (especially when you have a lot of competition)…
  • Hidden Objections Blaster– how to uncover and defuse even the most stubborn objections as to why people don’t buy (and turn those objections into powerful reasons to buy right now)…
  • Content Cash Machine– how to turn any piece of content into a powerful selling machine that flies under people’s radar and they don’t even realize they’re being sold…
  • Hundred Million Dollar Infomercial Secrets– how to apply the same secrets that launched a half a BILLION dollar fitness juggernaut to your online videos (and CRUSH your competition)…
  • Book Launch Secrets– how to sell books by the truckload and use your book sales to fill your sales funnel with high-paying customers for life…
  • And much, MUCH more!

Time is almost up to snag one of the last few spots on this exclusive event of a lifetime! Take action now or you WILL miss The Boat, literally!


The Most Important Things in Life (and Salescopy)

In the latest podcast, which we’ve also posted on the blog, Jim and Stew discuss something that happens to us all – LIFE.  Often it can derail our plans. It also presents opportunities that can change everything! It can also give you something that you frankly won’t get any other way.

What’s that you ask?

Go here and find out right now!

A Final Word from Jim

Sometimes It’s Okay to Quit…

We live in a world that hates quitters, despises them, or at least discounts them as, well, quitters.

Quitting is often considered a BAD thing to do.

We like people to “stick with it” and “get it done” or “go down with the ship.”

And, that is often a VERY admirable thing to do – stick with things.

But sometimes, keeping on with something out of habit or because you’re afraid to try something new really is a BAD thing.

Sometimes it’s okay to quit.

Like when…

• Things don’t work. You give something an honest try and it doesn’t work.

• The world changes. You do something and, through no fault of your own, it stops working over time.

• A better way appears. You do something for a while and then a new method or path appears that just makes more sense.

One thing to always consider is “opportunity cost.”

Ask yourself: Is what I’m doing now preventing me from doing something else that would get me better results?

Switching from one thing to another just for the sake of something new or because you’re bored in the moment is rarely the best criteria for quitting.

But, if the answer is an honest yes, then quit.

Just make sure you replace what you’re doing now with something better… an “upgrade” for your time and effort invested.

Don’t just quit and then not fill the vacuum. That just invites a new set of problems.

Have a great week!




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