Weekly Update – June 6, 2018

A Note From Jim

Hit The Easy Button Whenever Possible

Many of us tend to only value doing things the hard way.

“If it’s too easy, it’s not valuable” or “If it’s too easy, everyone will do it, and it won’t work anymore” seems to be the mindset these days.

I admit to falling into that mindset myself most of the time. But that stops now. Why?

Because during our staff meeting yesterday I realized we were doing things the “hard way” and not the “smart way” – and in this case doing it the smart way was to look for the EASY button, not to figure things out on our own.

What matters is getting the result. It doesn’t matter how you get that result… and there’s no shame in using the “Easy Button” – maybe I’m weird, but that’s a real mindset shift for me. (Which is funny coming from a guy who creates push-button software wizards). Sigh.

Anyway, just wanted to share that there is NO shame in hitting the Easy Button on anything as long as it gives you a genuine result. Life’s too short and business moves too fast to do things the hard way anymore!



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