Weekly Update – May 30, 2019

A Note From Jim

Think Like a Freak

Did you ever read the book “Freakonomics”? It’s one of my favorite books ever. Well there was a follow up book called, “Think Like a Freak.” I’ve read that one too.

There’s a quote in the first chapter I want to share with you.

“A growing body of research suggests that even the smartest people tend to seek out evidence that confirms what they already think, rather than new information that would give them a more robust view of reality.”

In other words, instead of trying to look for new information that can change things for the better (like creating innovation), we actually perpetuate the status quo.

We want to hang with people who agree with us.

People who disagree with us, or challenge our conclusions aren’t the types we normally hang out with.

I find myself being guilty of not liking people who disagree with me, especially when I’m heavily invested in an idea or body of work. Especially when I’m EMOTIONALLY involved in something to a large degree.

Yet, it’s through disagreement and challenging the status quo that we get breakthroughs.

I just thought it was a really interesting thought… one of those things that make you go “Hmm.”

Bottom line: if everyone agrees with you and everything you see confirms what you already know, run like hell! Break the mold. Make new friends.

Do anything you can to get a new perspective on what you’re doing!


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