Weekly Update – October 10, 2019

A Note From Jim

Nothing Like A Book Launch to Build Excitement!

It’s been awhile since I’ve launched a book or an ebook.

I’ve been doing video and software for so long, it felt good to get back to my roots with a real live book!

Our team has learned some great lessons from releasing my new book “Copywriting Secrets”:

  • Build excitement before you ever release the book
  • Be prepared for anything
  • Have your funnel DONE before you release the book (not “I’ll figure it out later if the book sells well.”)
  • There’s always that ONE technical detail at the end to cause a delay
  • Be open to creative marketing ideas and opportunities
  • Be patient (with yourself and with customers)

But I think the biggest lesson I learned is that books are still a GREAT way to build your list, build your name, and increase sales!

If you’ve never done a book, you should!

By the way, if you haven’t picked up a copy of “Copywriting Secrets” yet, you should!

I bought you a copy of the book!  All you have to do is pay the shipping!

Have a great week!


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