Weekly Update – October 23, 2019

A Note From Jim

You Get To Choose The People You Do Business With

There’s nothing like a launch to bring out the excitement of your group.

Large or small, the prospect of a new book, product, or coaching program always raises the energy… and 99% of that is “A good thing!”

Doing a launch is also a way to do a large-scale sorting of the folks in your database and niche.

You get to find out who the serious people are… and the not so serious.

The super nice majority… and the sometimes-vocal minority who just seem to live to complain.

The great thing about a launch is you get to choose who you do business with (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

We all want to deal with the nice folks who appreciate what you do and know you appreciate them in return.

But the people who want to complain (I’m not talking about people with legitimate concerns – we LOVE them and they are critical to your business success because they help you get better)…

… the people who just love to complain… to play the victim… to cajole… to get nasty with your help desk staff…. to act like they have no manners or home training….

Those people get a polite refund (whether they want a refund or not) and are shown the door.

You’re not rude. You’re not hostile. In fact, you’re so coldly indifferent and clinical to their whining it’s spooky for them… they don’t know how to handle it because they’re so used to bullying people into placating them.

You get to choose who you do business with. Choose to do business with the cool, polite, and appreciative folks… and make sure you’re cool, polite and appreciative in return.

Words to live by that come from over 22 years of selling online.

Hope this comes in handy one day 🙂


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