Weekly Update – September 18, 2019

A Note From Jim

If You Don’t Have Time

If you don’t have time to get everything done…. then don’t.

Don’t try to do everything.

Don’t stress over trying to do everything.

Isolate the ONE thing that needs to get done.

Take a single piece of paper and write it down. Break it down into bite-sized steps if necessary.

Take 5 minutes to visualize that to-do item. Visualize yourself completing each step in the task successfully. (DO NOT skip this step!)

Turn off your phone. Turn off your email. Block Facebook. Put a sign on the door that says “GO AWAY!”

Repeat the visualization step one more time for about 60 seconds.

Take action. Don’t stop until it’s done.

In my experience the above formula helps me get things done 50-90% faster.

Why? Because it eliminates both external AND internal distractions while it creates success in advance.

Give it a try… ESPECIALLY if you’re “too busy”… I guarantee it’ll help! 🙂


My Tricks for Getting More Done

Get yourself out of the vapor lock and get A LOT more done with a lot less stress in this quick video. 

You’ll learn what I do to get more done in a month than most people do in a year!  

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Did You See This? (Can you really afford not to?)

In our latest podcast we tackle a topic that people rarely want to talk about… until it’s too late!

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