What the #$%^ Is Your Problem?

What is your #$%^ problem?

What’s really bugging the #$%^ out of you?

What makes you want to throw your office chair through the #$%^ing window?

Well, I’ve got news for you. That “problem” might just hold the keys to your future riches.

What the #$%^ are you talking about Jim?

Easy. If you’ve got that #$%^ing problem, chances are a LOT of other people have it too. (In fact, the more bad words you use to describe it and the more emotional you get about it, the BETTER the chances are other people have the problem and would pay for a solution – YOUR solution).

So, if you’ve got a problem, instead of throwing your hands in the air and saying “Awe #$%^ it!” – solve the problem. Put on your thinking cap, get your #$%^ butt in motion and SOLVE the problem… then package the solution.

Whether it’s software, a book, a class, a video, a product, a service or something else… take your solution and sell the #$%^ out of it to people with the same problem.

That’s what I’ve done for the last 18 years. No matter what the economy does. No matter what the government does. No matter what ANYONE does… selling solutions to problems will always – ALWAYS – be a legitimate path to REAL profits and a lasting business.

Even if the world goes to #$%^, you can always make a nice living solving other people’s problems and charging them a fair price.

I guarantee it!


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