What’s Your Relationship With Monday?

I’ve always been a big fan of Monday. Here’s why.

On Monday, no matter how bad last week was, whatever you did or didn’t get done, Monday is always a chance to start over.

Every Monday I make a list of all the stuff I want to get done this week, and then just dive right in.

I think one of the keys to loving Monday is to love what you do. If you’re miserable at your job, then Monday’s will suck. No doubt about it!

Step 1 – Get really clear on what you want to accomplish.

Step 2 – Harness all that energy from resting up over the weekend.

Step 3 – Get something meaningful done as fast as possible on Monday morning.

These three steps set the tone for the whole week!

I would say if you’re not accomplishing everything you want during the week, look at your relationship with Monday. What do you think about Mondays? How do you view Monday? How do you view getting fired up for the week?

If you have trouble getting focused or started, here’s my suggestion.

Make a list of all the stuff you want to get done this week. Pick something meaningful to get done that you can accomplish within the first hour or two of Monday morning.

Use that momentum to set the tone for the week. Just “bust a move” and make it happen!

Think about it. What you do first thing Monday morning sets the tone for the whole week.

The week sets a tone for the month.

The month sets the tone for the whole year!

The year sets the tone for your whole life!!

So, what you do first thing Monday morning impacts the quality of your life for the REST of your life.

So I’ll end this article the way I began… with a simple question: what’s your relationship with Monday?


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  • Virginia Reeves

    Reply Reply August 24, 2018

    Jim – smart tip. Thanks. And if you don’t do it Monday, then do it Tuesday so the rest of the week is not blown.

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