Which personality will you share?

You Can Share More Of Yourself Without Feeling Weird! Here’s How…🤗

Recently we’ve been talking about showing the multiple facets of your personality and the fact that you can tie in stories from various parts of your life, past and present. Those stories can come from experiences you’ve had, or roles that you play, or situations you’ve been in. All of those help to activate your attractive character in people’s minds. 🤩


I got a cool follow-up question from somebody who asked, “In regard to how to use these multiple personalities in public and social media channels, would you recommend having a variety of people here with different angles? Are you suggesting that we use multiple accounts?” 🕵👱🧕👸


The biggest thing to keep in mind is not to over-complicate this stuff! We all tend to make things way too complicated because the simple answer, though often the best, doesn’t feel like enough. 🤯

But I’m here to tell you from personal experience – don’t over-complicate it! 😵

The whole point of using stories and different facets of your life when it comes to copywriting, communicating, and content is you’re just sharing your message as it relates to you in a way that makes sense to the recipient. You’re sharing information in a way that makes your message even more congruent with the ideas you’re trying to get across. That’s all.

Sharing different aspects of who you are is not being fake. You’re sharing different parts of yourself in specific situations that make your communication more congruent with your consumer of that information. That’s all.👈

Don’t over-complicate it.👌

Just think to yourself, “Okay. What’s the point that I’m trying to get across? What is an aspect of my personality or my experience or my life that will illustrate my point and give me maximum credibility/authenticity in this situation?” 🎭

That’s it.

Don’t be afraid to share yourself. Share those aspects of your personality and experience because that’s what’s going to give you the authenticity you need to stand out, especially on social media. 🤸👁👀

By the way, that’s really the whole purpose here on social media: to use aspects of your personality and your personal story to create a sense of authenticity and just being “real” with people. 💁

Don’t over-complicate it. You be you… and share those aspects of yourself that help people to get the results that you’re trying to help them get. That’s it. 😜

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