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Swinging for the Fences

By Jim Edwards
There’s a great baseball movie called “Money Ball” starring
Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. If you haven’t seen it, you
should (even if you don’t like baseball).

The basic premise of the movie is that Brad Pitt’s character
has to rebuild the Oakland A’s baseball team on a very
limited budget, in an old stadium, and with a single star

Pitt’s character meets up with Jonah Hill, who teaches him
about analyzing player statistics in a new way. Hill
explains that the key to success is just getting more
batters on base, while having pitchers who allowed fewer
of the other team’s players to get on base.

The bottom line: instead of spending all your money on one
or two players who always “swing for the fences” and get
the crowds excited, you take that budget and spend it on a
dozen players who hit singles and doubles. You also need
pitchers who aren’t flashy, but who get opposing batters
out more consistently.

The key is not fireballers and gorillas at the plate…
the key is the right combination of players you can afford
and who will get the job done. No flash… just results!

So Pitt’s character trades away the big money star on his
team. He gets rid of the players that make trouble in the
clubhouse. He brings in guys other people consider washed
up, or nobody’s ever heard of, to fill the open spots.

Everyone says he’ll fail and no fans will come to the
ballpark because he doesn’t have even one big name player
to draw them.

The result?

The team loses. Fans don’t show up. Attendance and ticket
sales decline. Everyone in the league says he’s crazy. His
job is in jeopardy.

At this point, most people would give up and go back to
the way everyone else was doing things. But not Pitt’s
character. He dives in and starts doing what he’s doing
even harder.

He tweaks things. He tinkers. He sees the results as
feedback and makes changes.

And slowly… ever so slowly… things get better.

The players learn to work together. They start to win.
Fans start to show up because the team wins. Now they view
the team as “the underdogs” and root for them.

The A’s eventually reach the division title series and,
though they lose, they prove that this new system of
evaluating players and putting together a team based on
performance and results, rather than flash, makes more
sense that the old way of doing things.

So what’s the point of telling you this little tale?


If you’re doing things the same way as everyone else,
you’re going to get the same results. That might not be
what you want. If you’re following the crowd, you can’t
break out from the crowd. Most of the time the crowd is
VERY crowded and you can’t get good results.

Too much competition.

The other lesson? Don’t get caught up in the “home run”
mentality of always swinging for the fences. Real success
comes from doing the right things correctly and
consistently. You win the game by getting hits every day,
not by the occasional home run.

The people who show up every day, do what’s right, get
better and better through practice, repetition and paying
attention to what’s going on and the results they produce
are the ones who win…. especially over the long haul.

It might be exciting to swing for the fences, but it’s more
exciting to get consistent hits and win the game with a
good team… so don’t pin all your hopes on a single
player (or ad, or product, or JV partner).

The vast majority of “success stories” or “gurus” or
“overnight successes” you see actually play money ball and
don’t try to be the big hitter. But by getting up to bat
more often and more consistently. They hit more home runs
by the sheer fact they’re in the game.

And just like those winning players, the top performers
practice the fundamentals.

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