Why do you need to get good at copywriting?

😀 One of the reasons why you have to get really good at copywriting is because it pervades so many parts of what you’re doing in your business.

😉 You need to have the copywriting mindset.

😇 That means you are constantly aware that whatever you’re saying, whatever you’re creating, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re writing… all of that really is copywriting.

👺 Don’t think of copywriting from the standpoint of some strange guy in his garage trying to craft some hypnotic ad where he uses secret, ninja mind control to cause millions of people to buy something.

👽 Don’t think of copywriting as a skill that is beyond you… or some type of writing “switch” you turn on when it’s time to sell.

😍 Think of copywriting from the standpoint of always being conscious of the message that you’re giving the people in your target audience.

🙈🙉🙊Think about how that message or content will affect their behavior one way or another. How will it affect their impression of you and affect their willingness to do what you think is the best thing for them to do?

🏃When you write an article, think to yourself, “How is this going to get them to take the actions that I know they should take?” Or “How is this video going to get people to actually get off their butts and do something?” (As opposed to just taking in the information and not doing anything with it.)

😇 Have the copywriting mindset.

🙋Which means, for example, after you create a piece of content always remember to give people a call to action at the end. (Many forget to do this.)

👉Saying something like, “Hey, and if you haven’t already signed up for the Copywriting Master Class, you can do it in the link up above. I’ll put a link in there for you.”

😉 Just little stuff like that. can make a HUGE difference in your life.

😵 Or realizing that when you start a piece of content, have some sort of a shocking statement, or an attention getting statement, or an attention getting image to grab people’s attention.

💡 Just developing that mindset that “everything is copy!”

Not in a cheesy way. Not in a manipulative way. But just in a way where you’re communicating better.

💓 That’s really what this is all about: is learning how to communicate with people in a way that helps them to make great decisions; but also in a way that helps them to, honestly, take the actions you know they should be taking.

👍 That, to me, is the copywriting mindset!

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