Struggling To Write Better Ads?

Here’s another exciting 3-part tip to help you get better at copywriting. Here’s critical insight for every online business pro who wants to write better ads and sell more, without having to spend a fortune on ads to figure it out.

Tip #1: The Reason We Have Trouble Writing Our Own Ads

The answer can be found on page 14 of “Scientific Advertising”, a short, but powerful book written by some dude a long time ago who knew a lot about writing ads that got results.

If you look on page 14, he says “The maker of an advertised article knows the manufacturing side and probably the dealer side, but the very knowledge often leads him astray with respect to customers.”

(We all don’t want to be led astray, do we?)

“His interests are not in their interests. The advertising man studies the consumer. He tries to place himself in a position of a buyer. His success largely depends on doing that to the exclusion of everything else.”

What he’s saying is when we’re inside our own head about our own product, it’s hard for us to write effective sales copy that is focused on what the consumer wants as opposed to what our product is. That’s why so many people create bullets and headlines that are about the product instead of about the consumer. The good news: now that you know this, you can skip doing it (especially if you use a great tool, like Funnel Scripts).

Tip #2: Never Forget The Real Purpose Of An Ad

This is important to understand, as well, because if you look at most people’s ads, they forget this very simple purpose. Doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook ads, whether it is ads on AdWords or your own website or somebody else’s website. Doesn’t matter if it’s digital, print, graphical, etc..

Here’s the thing. The purpose of an ad is real simple.

It’s to get the right person to stop what they’re doing and read your ad or watch your video.

That’s it. That’s all the purpose of your ad is, is to move them from where they are, one step further down your funnel (which is mostly likely to see your landing page, watch your webinar, etc.). Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the purpose of any ad you’re ever going to run is to get the right people to go see your landing page. Everything else is extra, and it doesn’t make you money. In fact, it probably just costs you money.

Tip #3: Sell The Vacation, Not The Travel

What the heck does that mean? Well, this is actually one of the most profound statements I have heard in a long time, and it was said at Funnel Hacking Live 2018 by a very interesting (and very buff and fit) man named Alex Hormozi.

He said “Sell the vacation, not the travel.” What does that mean?

There’s a statement that advertising people say all the time. It’s “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

That’s been a tried and true teaching point, but I believe there’s really a better way of saying this now.

“Sell the vacation, not the travel.”

Think about that for a second. Do you want to take a long plane ride? When my wife and I go to Aruba, and we’re thinking, “Hey, we’re going to Aruba, but before we go, we’re gonna get to go through a big line in security. We’re gonna get to sit on a plane forever and wait in Atlanta next to some smelly guy. It’s gonna be great. Let’s go twice.”

No, you don’t think about the plane ride.

Do you want to get frisked by some perv in a TSA uniform? If you do, I can tell you every time you go flying, you can do that. Just put a screwdriver in your pocket. I guarantee you’ll make a new friend on every flight.

Do you want white, sandy beaches? YES! That’s what we want. We want white, sandy beaches. Well, then, that’s what you talk about in your ad to get people to pay attention. White sandy beaches and umbrella drinks!

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Remember, ads are salesmanship in print.
  • Read the book “Scientific Advertising”. If you don’t have it, it’s six bucks on Amazon. Best six bucks you can spend.
  • Sell the vacation, not the travel. I’m serious. That is profound. (Thank you, Alex. Credit where credit is due for that quote.)
  • Don’t put anything extra in your ads. The whole reason anybody (smart) creates an ad is to get the right person to click your ad and get over to your landing page.

The moral here is you can write better ads without having to spend a fortune on ads to do it with all the experimentation. If you’re one of the ones who wants to know how to really make this work for you, do yourself a favor and check out Funnel Scripts. It’s easy. Head on over to There’s a free training. Again, Funnel Scripts makes it easy for you to write better ads without having to spend a fortune to figure it out.

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  • Virginia Reeves

    Reply Reply April 5, 2018

    Jim – your tips are always to the point and on target. Thanks.
    Appreciate the cute photos and captions too.
    Like the idea of the vacation rather than sizzle.
    Creates a distinct impression in the mind and heart.

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