You Do Not Need To Be an Expert Copywriter to Have Excellent Salescopy – SCCMH [Podcast 60]

Jim drops some serious knowledge bombs on what you need to make great salescopy without the expert copywriter. From the classic phrase, “It is not what it IS – it is what it DOES” when explaining your products / services to the new “It is not who your customer IS, it is what your customer desires” when explaining salescopy creation. Check out this latest audio / video podcast  today.

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Jim Edwards: Hey guys, Jim Edwards here and welcome back to the Sales Copywriting Content Marketing Hacks Podcast, where we have amazing discussions before we actually start the podcast…

And we hope that carries over because Stew, I just had a very animated discussion about what to do in the event of a pandemic and quarantine and some other stuff…

And we realized that we couldn’t share anything that we shared because it would piss at least 50% of the people off…

So, you’ll just have to guess what we were talking about…

You think more or less than 50?

Could we beat in 50 to 75?

Stew Smith: I just don’t see a healthcare issue being a political issue…

I agree…

Jim Edwards: We need to start our own political party called the common sense party…

Stew Smith: We need a different party.

Jim Edwards: And we can use Benjamin Franklin, he had his whole common-sense thing.

So, we’ll start the common sense party…

You can be president, and I will be vice president because I don’t want to be president, and people like you more than they like me…

So episode 60, Stew…

Stew Smith: Yes…

Jim Edwards: Golly, Miss Molly, how did we get to 60 episodes?

I know how it’s called commitment, scheduling a deadline, and putting it on the list…

Cause if it’s not on the list…

Stew Smith: It doesn’t exist.

Jim Edwards: That’s right.

So today our topic is you do not need to be an expert copywriter to have excellent sales copy.

I think that’s absolutely true.

And I’m going to tell you why.

Here’s the thing, unless you are in a super, super, super, super competitive red bloody ocean niche like supplements or make money on the internet or I’m trying to think what would be, what would be another like hyper-competitive niche where everybody in their brother’s doing it?

Make money space…

Oh, if you want to be like Tony Robbins…

If you want to be the ultimate guru of self-help and stuff like that…

Excuse me.

Good gracious.

Too many beers this morning before we even got started.

You don’t need to be a world-class copywriter.

I use this example is if you were a Ninja, like if you were not even the best Ninja, not Bruce Lee.

If you were like the most amazing samurai Ninja, whatever, and you had to fight another amazing samurai Ninja, whatever, the chances of you getting your ass kicked are pretty good.

Or at least getting banged up really badly.

I mean, like a sword through the thing and maybe getting shot because now, ninjas use guns, now in my world.

The flaming things like in mortal combat.

And the stars and flames and arrows and stuff.

I don’t want to fight another Ninja.

I mean, when you were a Navy seal, did you want to go up against like Navy seals, or did you want to beat on some backwater army of conscripts that were more interested in seeing if they could get something to eat.

Be honest.

Stew Smith: You did not want a fair fight.

Jim Edwards: Right.

So yeah, that’s the thing.

If you’re going to one of those hyper-competitive niches, it’s like Ninja on Ninja.

But imagine being a Ninja and then taking on an entire fifth-grade gym class, a bunch of little fifth graders running at you with their Barneys and, woo.


Even if they’re doing their little jihad holler as they’re coming at you.

You’re going to destroy the entire class without breathing.

One of them might get in and get it like kicking the neat cap or something or run up punching the cojones.

But what you’re going to come out fine.

And that’s why you want to learn how to write really good copy…

But don’t worry about being a world-class expert copywriter…

You don’t have to be…

What you need to do is understand your customer, your ideal customer, your avatar, which avatar is not some tall blue thing that lives in this forest on some strange planet though that was a really good move.

Stew Smith: It was pretty entertaining.

Jim Edwards: All you have to do is just understand your avatar better than they understand themselves.

So that you can talk about their pain points, you can talk about their problems, you can talk about their immediate desires, their long-term bottom-line results that they’re looking for, the things that they see as obstacles holding them back.

Because once you understand those things, then you’re able to craft ads, emails, sales letters, videos, content videos, Facebook posts, Instagram means all these different things that they see, and they go, bam, wow, that’s, yeah, that’s me…

That’s what I want…

I want that stuff…

I’ve got to click on this.

And so that’s really what you need to do.

So, you need to be able to define your avatar…

Let’s talk about for a minute about what you actually should do…

What are the data points, and that sounds kind of complicated or are not that much fun…

Too much like school…

It’s funny, I went for a walk yesterday with Terry…

We’ve been walking every day…

We’re doing Weight Watchers again.

Stew Smith: Nice.

Jim Edwards: And I said to her, do you realize that I got a D minus in statistics, a D minus in managerial and a D minus in calculus?

And I still got a college degree, but I had to do something else than what I was thinking about doing.

And I said, and we’ve still done okay.

And so when people start talking about their avatar, about their target audience, and they start my target audience is a 35 to a 55-year-old male that makes between $55,000 and $123,000 a year, has two children, has been married to his and I’m going, what are you even talking about?

That’s not a real person.

That’s a fricking like word problem from fifth grade.

If a 45-year-old man has a 32-year-old wife, they’ve been married for three years before they had their child.

How old?

How much does the kid weigh?

I mean, it’s like nobody cares because that’s not what sales copy is about.

What sales copy is about is about what are they focused on, what is the person that you really want to, your ideal customer, what are they really focused on right now?

And you can have that same group of ideal customers, but some are focused on this, some are focused on this, some are focused on this.

Like if your ideal customers Stew is somebody who is, I’m trying to become a spec ops candidate, they’re trying to get an X-Ray contract as a Green Barret or whatever a CEO contract is called.

Is it called a Seal contract?

Stew Smith: Yes. Seal contract.

Jim Edwards: So, they’re concerned with several things, but some of them are more concerned than others.

Slow run times, improve my pushups, improve my pull-ups increase endurance, all these things.

It’s the same group.

But then you’ve got subgroups in there that you need to understand where their immediate focus is and be able to address that and then swing them back over to your main product and stuff.

So, you got to know what are their desires.

In the case of someone who is a self-published author, their desire may just be as simple as stop working for a boss and write full time that may be just right now my most immediate desire is.

“I want to write full time, and I want to stop working for a boss.”

So, my focus is on ebook promotion or book promotion or content marketing.

But when you understand that it doesn’t matter if there are 35 or 65, if they’re male, female, if their pronoun is, he, she, they, x-ray, whatever it is you got to know also the immediate results that they’re looking for…

The desire stopped working for a boss or writing full time.

That’s not really an immediate desire.

An immediate desire for an author would be something like, “Hey, I got to make some more book sales. Like right now.”

I got to get more newsletter subscribers like right now…

“I gotta stop spending so much money on ads.”

It’s not two weeks from now, not two months from now, not three hours from now.

But like now, that’s what I’m focused on…

What are their problems?

Again, when you understand all of these things, the sales copy you need to create really starts to write itself because you’ve got the building blocks.

Let’s literally pull out our little building blocks here.

Stew Smith: We haven’t done this exercise in a while.

Jim Edwards: You haven’t done building blocks.

Make more sales.

Let’s see.

Get more subscribers.

And we’ll get one more, I need the green block…

The last one is stop spending money on ads that don’t work.

Oh my God, my penmanship is going to shit so badly.

It’s not even funny…

I mean that just take my word for it…

This says, stop spending money on ads that don’t work.

All right…

So let’s talk about how we can use just these building blocks to do some stuff…

So let’s say we need a question hook…

Ready, Stew.

Stew Smith: Ready?

Jim Edwards: Do you want to make more sales?

There’s a hook…

You could use that in social media…

You could use that on an email or anything…

Okay, so now we need an opening for a sales letter…


Let’s see if I can do this.

So, dear self-published author, do you want to make more sales, get more subscribers, and stop spending so much money on ads?

If so, this is the most important letter you’ll read all year.

Oh, snap!

Let’s do another, let’s do a headline.

Do you want to make more sales and stop spending so much money on ads?

That’s a question mark…

Here’s a statement…

How every self-published author can make more sales and stop spending money on ads that don’t work?

In as little as seven days.

How about a bullet?

Let’s say the feature of your thing is it’s a piece of ad software.


Writes all the ads you need so you can make more sales, which will help you be able to write full time it blank so you can blank, which means blank.


Because I know these, this is what they’re interested in…

I can use these to build anything.

How about the PS of a letter?

So PS, you say you want to make more sales.

You say you want to stop spending so much money on ads.

You say you want to get more subscribers.

So now’s the time to act.

Get your copy of Author Wizards now, because the money’s not going to make itself take action now.

I mean I’m doing a little to riff…

I mean, I’m just moving these things all around.


One of the places that people really screw up.

Also, just so you know on your funnels, on your sales letters and stuff…

Is, you should always have a picture, the picture has a caption…

It always has a caption.

It has been proven online.

Offline, people read the captions, they read headlines, they read sub-headlines headlines, and they look at pictures and read subheads, or they read the captions of pictures.

So let’s say I had a picture of my little graphic, let’s just say it’s a seven-day ebook.

And I have a picture of the thing or my book graphic, and underneath, I would say, “This book will help you make more sales in the next seven days…”


I mean that’s, you talk about upside the head with an idea…

So I mean, imagine then if I had like my whole little box of these filled out and I start juggling these around and mixing and matching and recombining, which I do all the time, that’s what the wizards really help you to be able to do.

Stew Smith: I backed while you’re doing all that.

I’m sitting here saying, well, it sounds like a wizard.

Jim Edwards: It is a wizard.

Stew Smith: That’s how you made them.

It’s just without the cool blocks.

Hey, everybody needs these.

But I mean you think about that, so all you have to do to succeed, honest to goodness, if you’re just willing to do anything besides sit around and, in your underwear on a beanbag chair eaten Cheetos, wondering if Edrick man, we’ll send you the publisher’s clearinghouse winning check.

What you need to do if you want to create a world-class copy without becoming an expert copywriter is just to understand your customer avatar.

Understand the psychology, psychographics of your ideal customer avatar.

When you do that, everything flows from that.

And it’s so much easier to create amazing sales copy whether you’re using the wizards or not.

But why wouldn’t you use the wizards?

They’re amazing…

Stew Smith: Absolutely…

I went back to the rule that you have almost, I don’t know if it’s a rule, but anyway.

Jim Edwards: If it sounds cool, it’s a rule…

Yeah, let’s hear it.

Stew Smith: I would say it is not what it is, it’s what it does.

Jim Edwards: What it does.


It’s not what it is.

It’s what it does.

Stew Smith: So yeah, when I’m writing a book, I don’t want to say this book is on pushups and sit-ups and all that.

That’s what it is…


This will make you pass everybody you are that you’re whatever it is…


It helps you do that…

So the same thing for sales…

Copy just kind of changed your rule a little bit and made it applied to the audience…

Cause we’re really trying to get into the psychology of your audience and your customer base, right?

So it is not who your customer is…

It is what your customer desires…

Jim Edwards: Ooh, I like that.

Stew Smith: I just made that up.

Jim Edwards: So I like it’s not what your customer is, it’s what makes your customer tick.

Stew Smith: That too…

Jim Edwards: I like that.

We’re going to have to play with that because I like where you’re going with that.

I like that a lot actually.

I like that a lot.

I want to play with that because, like with the new traffic secrets scripts, I wrote down some dig this.

The rest of you can listen to this.

I just want Stew’s opinion now you guys can tell me…

But and this is the kind of the catch line in the first part of explaining the traffic secrets scripts.

But in the traffic secrets book, everything starts with your ideal customer, your dream 100, your ads, your social media, your YouTube, your newsletter selection, solo email providers.

You go after pretty much anything you want to go after for traffic.

Everything flows from your ideal customer avatar.

So with traffic secrets, scripts, once you define your ideal customer avatar, all the traffic scripts practically write themselves because you just load the avatar, and with most of the scripts, 90 to 100% of the script is done…

All you gotta do is whack the button to get the result…

What do you think of that way of describing that?

Stew Smith: That’s a great way to describe it.

I think also people who aren’t familiar with the wizards need to also know what your avatar actually is.

And in the Jim Edwards method Premium…

Because when you help me fill out my avatar, I had no idea that I could take all that information that we used in that one little segment creating the avatar story and then it all into the other wizards.

I mean, that makes something that’s easy to do even easier.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: Being to the point of where I have since gone into the wizards and have created over 20 different posts in my blog on all of my products.

Jim Edwards: Wow.

Stew Smith: Using the wizards.

Jim Edwards: Awesome.

I started that in February, and I’m about to do some of my higher-end.

Ones now once I’ve kinda gotten it figured out.

Jim Edwards: And are you seeing a difference in traffic and results?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Cool.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Awesome.

Stew Smith: Very much so.

Jim Edwards: Cool.




All right.

Well guys, gals, people, folks, everyone listening.


Basically, you’ll use this stuff if you’re a member of the Jim Edwards method Funnel Scripts.

If you’re a member of the new traffic secret scripts, author wizards, any of these things go use these tools.

We work really hard to make them amazing and to help you get an amazing result with comparatively little effort.

And so go use it.

Make sure you are a member of the Sales Copywriting Content Marketing Hacks group on Facebook.

Stew, we just broke 13,000 members in that group…

Is that cool, or what?

Stew Smith: It is a place to go hang out.

Post that question up there for people, and you got 13,000 members who may help you answer it.

Jim Edwards: There you go.


Okay, guys, have a great day, and we’ll talk to you soon…

Bye-bye, everybody.

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