You Are Only ONE Idea Away From Success…

Let me tell you a story…

I was at a seminar 18 years ago when I had an encounter with a guy named Marlon Sanders, and he gave me an idea.

“Jim, take your competitor’s USP (unique selling proposition) and offer it as a free bonus with your product.”

I was like,  “Whoa.”

And he said,

“Yep. And if you do that, then they’ll buy from you because they’re going to get for free from you what they’re going to have to pay for if they buy from someone else.”

That was an idea that blew my mind.

I implemented that idea, and it helped my sales go up over 250 percent overnight.

Let Me Tell You Another Story

I read a book by Russell Brunson called Dotcom Secrets. It gave me an idea.

When I ran into Russell at an interesting meeting on a cruise ship, we decided to build that idea out and call it Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts has gone on to be my most successful joint venture ever.

All from a little idea I got from someone else.

How To Get Ideas Fast

Remember, the same thinking that has gotten you where you are now is NOT going to get you where you want to be.

You’ve got to have different ideas.

There are 2 ways to get ideas.

  1. Your own experience (that takes a long time).
  2. Other people (much faster).

Why is it faster to get ideas from other people?

Because you get all their experience, learning, and background included.

This is the real power behind a mastermind.

A mastermind is when everybody comes together and they share ideas around in a specific area.

So whether it’s making more sales, whether it’s health, whether it’s relationships or something else…

The sharing of ideas is the real power behind a mastermind.

Idea Alchemy

The neat thing about ideas is how they work.

For example, if I have a penny… 

And you have a penny…

If I share my penny with you and you share your penny with me…

In the end, we still each only have one penny.


If I have an idea, and you have an idea

And we share our ideas…

We actually now have 3 ideas… 

Because I have my idea, your idea, and the idea that we synthesized together from the two ideas.

That’s the power of a mastermind.

Be In A Mastermind

The change your business needs is going to come from a new idea.

That new idea can come quickly, which happens with a mastermind… 

Or it can take a long time if you’re trying to sort it all out on your own.

If you can’t tell, a mastermind is definitely the way to go.

I’m in two different masterminds.

In one, three of us meet once a month.

In the other, seven of us meet every other week.

Masterminds can be one of the most powerful tools for changing your life by getting new ideas and then applying them to your life and business.


Here are two things to take away from this article

  1. You need new ideas to revolutionize your life.
  2. The fastest way to get new ideas is through a mastermind.

Find people that share your values and goals and just come together once a week, or once every couple of weeks.

Talk about what you’re doing and help each other come up with new ideas (which you then implement).

That’s one of the reasons why we organized the Jim Boat into a mastermind format. 

Another one is that when you’re at a cruise seminar, everybody’s relaxed, which means you have lots of chances to visit and interact and…

Get new ideas.

By the way, if you have not signed up for the Jim Boat yet, can you imagine hanging out with me for a week on a cruise ship? 

Going to tropical locations, talking with me by the pool or at the gym, walking around the deck, and being able to ask me whatever you want and having me help you come up with cool ideas for your business?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

It is and it will be… and I look forward to meeting you there.

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