10 Reasons Why You Might Be Scared To 10x Your Sales… And How to Overcome Them!

Here’s something important I want to share with you!

I see lots of people AFRAID to achieve their true potential and make more money in their business… especially when it comes to massively increasing sales.

Let’s talk about some reasons WHY someone might be afraid to 10x their sales!

#1 The Unknown

The first reason is that it’s unfamiliar. 

If you started making ten times as much money as you’re making now, it creates UNCERTAINTY – which can lead to pain. 

Why is this happening?

How long will it last?

What do I need to do?

It’s something new, something awkward! And that often causes resistance when change starts to kick in.

#2 The Taxes

The second reason is that you’ll have to pay taxes on the money.

Many people jump to conclusions and say that they have to pay more taxes if they make more money.

And I used to hear that in the mortgage business A LOT!

People would say: 

“Oh, if I paid off my mortgage, I’d lose my tax break!”

But let’s look at the numbers…

Why would you want to pay $2,000 a month to get back $600 when, if you paid off your mortgage, you would NOT pay $2,000 in mortgage and only pay $600 in taxes?

You’d end up keeping at least $1,400 more each month!

Remember: for every dollar you make, even if they clip you 40%, you’re still keeping 60%!

#3 The Attack

Another reason why you might be scared to 10x your sales is your fear of becoming a target.

Many people feel like if they’re making money, they will become a target for lawsuits.

And this isn’t really true!

Even if this does happen to you, you’ll have the money to pay for a really good lawyer!

#4 The Friends

The number four reason is fear of losing your friends.

Let me clarify this!

When you’re making a bunch of money, you make a better class of friends.

Think about my story: I’m happier living here where I live now than when I was living in a trailer park!

Anyone who doesn’t like you anymore because you’re making more money is an idiot and you don’t need them as a friend.

#5 The Snooty Person

Admit it! You thought at least once that people would think you’re snooty if you make a ton of money!

Let me quickly summarize the model I follow: I don’t care too much about what other people think!

I suggest you should do the same!

#6 The Family

Many people are scared that if they make more money their family will ask for money.

If you love your family, then you can give them the money (or not).

My advice is: don’t ever lend your family money!

Either give it or don’t! Never lend it!

That’s how you avoid making enemies within your family!

(Or, do like me and cultivate the reputation in the family that they would never even think to ask 😊)

#7 The Change

Another common fear about making more money is related to change.

You’ll change, and people won’t like you anymore!

Here’s the thing: money is like liquor!

Think about when somebody is drunk.

If they’re acting horrible and get drunk, they get worse.

But if they’re nice and funny, they usually get nicer and funnier when they’re drunk (to a point… then they’re just drunk. But don’t let that get in the way of a great analogy).

So, if you have money and act horrible, you’re just going to keep getting more terrible.

But if you’re a nice person and you have money, you’re going to have the power to be a much nicer person and help people out!

#8 The New Level

This is all about fear that you won’t be able to maintain life at the new level.

That comes from fear of overextending yourself.

If you have a good month and make extra money, but then start living like you’re going to make that every month for the rest of your life…

You’re setting yourself up for failure!

It’s not how it works!

My philosophy is to spend last year’s money next year.

This strategy will quickly help you overcome this fear.

#9 The IRS

The IRS is not going to audit you just because you’re making more money!

The IRS is going to audit you if you’re doing stupid stuff (like cheating on your taxes or trying to pay your poodle a six-figure salary as a dog model).

Bottom line: make more money and DON’T do stupid stuff on your taxes.

#10 The Burglary

If I make more money, people will steal from me.

If you think that people will steal from you, there are simple fixes for that.

You can buy a security system, install a safe, or hire a security guard.

Yes, you CAN! Because now you have the money for it!

The Takeaway From This List

Believe it or not, I have struggled with most of these fears during my life. 

One thing I can tell you: it’s easier to face those fears with money than without money!

That’s the honest truth!

If you want to overcome these fears, here’s what you need to do:

First, just be aware of them.

Second, make the decision that you’re going to face your fears and start making more money in spite of them.

Third, join me for more life hacks, copywriting, and sales tips in my Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook group!

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