10 Things You Should Do When People Argue With You On Social Media

We’ve all had arguments on social media and, if you’re like me, you’ve struggled with knowing what to do when that happens. Struggle no more! Below are my top 10 best ways to respond when someone wants to throw down with you on social media. 

  1. Flip them the bird and unfriend them. 
    • Nothing is more satisfying than flipping someone the bird and unfriending them on social media. That’ll teach them for arguing with you!

  2. Prove them wrong. 
    • Rub their nose in it just like you would a dog that pooped on the kitchen floor. Rub their nose in the fact that they’re wrong. Unleash an avalanche of evidence to show them how stupid they are. That’s an awesome way to do it, too.

  3. Use a bot to post your response over and over.
    • Every time they respond to you, post your huge, better response to their stupidity, repeatedly. Over and over. Nothing gives you satisfaction like automated pummeling.

  4. Be the bigger person and walk away. 
    • Hahahahaha! ROFL! (Oops! Wrong article!)

  5. Flag their content as inappropriate. 
    • Reporting them will make you feel better, just like it did when you were the Hall Monitor back in Fifth Grade.
    • Not that it will do any good. Anytime I’ve ever flagged anything as inappropriate, I’ve been told that “It does not violate our community standards” so who knows? Unless they’re holding a severed head, it doesn’t usually work.

  6. Use your response as content on social media.
    • If this were an article for appropriate social media responses, that might actually be a good idea. (This is not that kind of article!)

  7. Ask your friends to jump on them.
    • Get all your Facebook friends and fans to pile on these people and punish them for daring…Daring! to argue with you on social media.

  8. Create a Voodoo doll and put their profile picture on it. 
    • Imagine the fun you will have jamming pins into a Voodoo doll with somebody’s profile picture pasted on it, plus the satisfaction you’ll feel as you repeatedly punish it.

  9. Stalk their profile and intensely criticize every single picture they have on their profile.
    • This will make you feel superior. This will make you feel good. (Plus, they’ll probably make a TV special about your behavior at some point!)

  10. The number 10 thing you should do when anybody Dares! to disagree with you on social media is swear off social media because “everybody is so negative!”
    • But be sure to do it correctly.
      1. First, use social media to let everyone know that you’re swearing off social media.
      2. Second, monitor social media to monitor everyone’s responses to you swearing off social media on social media.


Those are the 10 things that you can do when people disagree with you on social media. I hope you take this with the spirit in which it is intended.

And remember, I always wear this disclaimer on my hat…

“Warning, I will more than likely offend you at some point.” 

If you actually take any of this seriously… Other than number six, which was, “Use their response as content on social media.”… then we need to have a class on social media.

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  • Adventago

    Reply Reply September 10, 2020

    Great article JIM these tips were extremely useful I am going to use them right away!!! LOL

    Just joking but really thank you for the funny article it made me laugh

    From your friend Adventago 🙂

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