10 Ways To Get Instant and MASSIVE Credibility With Your Ideal Customers

Being the author of a book gives you massive credibility. Why?

Because we’ve been trained since an early age that authors are literally the “authority” in a given area. (Hey, you can’t have the word authority without the word author in it!)

You can leverage that credibility a book gives you to get more leads and sales in your business… no matter what business you’re in.

The world is only getting MORE competitive, and you need every advantage you can get. A book is still #1 on the list for instant credibility that can literally change your life.

So, if you want to know exactly how being the author of a book gives you massive credibility with your ideal customers, here are some instant credibility builders for you:

Book Credibility Builder # 1 – Hold Your Book Up And Show People

Holding your book up and showing it to people (in video, on stage, etc.) gives you instant credibility. 

Imagine how it would feel to hold your book up in front of a group of people and let them see you literally “wrote the book on it.” 

Book Credibility Builder # 2 – Put Your Book In Your Website / Social Media Header Graphic

When people come to your website or your page on Facebook, they’ll immediately see that you’re an authority with your own, real, unique, published book. 

Book Credibility Builder # 3 – The Ultimate Resume / Bio Builder

List the title of your book and the fact that you’re an author front and center on your resume, bio, or letter of introduction. 

Anyone from employers to meeting planners must be impressed. 

Bottom line: that book could spell the difference between getting hired or not. 

Book Credibility Builder # 4 – Authority When Speaking On The Topic

Whether you’re speaking from stage, on a FB live, a summit, or at the local Rotary club, your book gives you INSTANT authority on the topic and sets you apart from everyone else who has NOT written a book

Book Credibility Builder # 5 – Local Book Signing Events

Whether you do it for the press potential or as a photo op, doing a book signing is a great way to build credibility and social media buzz. 

The pictures alone can be leveraged for years. 

Setting up a book signing is as easy as walking into your local bookstore and talking to the manager. 

Book Credibility Builder # 6 – Be the Expert In The News…

News outlets need experts, and they very often turn to authors for insight, advice, and commentary. 

Sending your book to various news outlets could well be the ticket to serious press coverage… and it’s a LOT easier than you think!

Book Credibility Builder # 7 – The Ultimate In-Person Networking Tool

Imagine going to a crowded event like a conference, seminar, or convention. 

You meet your ideal prospect who represents a big sale. 

See yourself handing that person a copy of your book and their eyes lighting up as they realize you’re the perfect person to do business with… that’s the power of using a book instead of a business card. 

Book Credibility Builder # 8 – Makes An Amazing Gift For New And Old Clients

Imagine sending a copy of your book to all your existing clients as a simple gift to say “Thank you for doing business with us and for being a friend!” Talk about client retention and referrals! 

The right book to the right audience can explode your repeat business like nothing else. 

Book Credibility Builder # 9 – High-Ticket Coaching Opportunities

Moving to the next level of coaching people to get the results you teach in your book is the “honey pot” for countless authors (and coaches who want to leverage the power of a book to give them more credibility as a coach). 

It’s the most natural thing in the world to have someone read your book and then want you to personally guide them through your process. 

Book Credibility Builder # 10 – Look In The Mirror And See A Different Person

Sometimes the biggest shift in credibility that comes with creating our own book is within ourselves. 

When you come out with a great book that serves your audience well, you’ll never look at yourself the same way again! 

(Never mind the look of pride and joy on your family’s faces when they can say “We’ve got an author in the family!) 

Bottom line: Get your first (or next) book done ASAP! 

You’ve got everything to gain by producing your own book quickly and using it to build your business… no matter what business you’re in.

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