5 Ways To Make Your Content More Profitable Instantly

Do you ever ask yourself…

How can I make my content more valuable for others and more profitable for me?

Well, I have the PERFECT formula for you.

#1 Make It Fun!

Most people’s lives aren’t so perfect.

So, if you want to make your content more attractive to your target audiences, you should start by making it fun.

If you can help your audience have a good time, even for a few minutes, they’re going to keep paying attention to what you’re doing.

And this means they’re going to come back!

#2 Make It Informative!

When you create content, you should make sure it ACTUALLY offers your audience something good and useful.

Make sure your content is informative and contains value for them specifically.

This is a powerful way to instantly make your content more profitable!

#3 Make It Useful!

If you make something immediately useful, that enables people to get results faster.

If your audience can get a result quickly, they’re going to see you as a source of value.

If you offer them something immediately useful, then they’re going to come back to you for more value in the future!

#4 Make It Timely!

Everybody loves something that relates to a hot topic happening right NOW.

Your content must be timely, and the best way to do that is to tie it to something that’s going on right now in the world.

It can be something that’s going on in your life that’s given you results… or the news… or social media… or society in general.

Find a way to tie your content to something that’s happening right now in the world.

#5 Make It Interactive!

The fifth way to make your content instantly more profitable is to make it interactive.

No matter your topic, you should interact with people whenever possible, especially on social media.

Of course, sometimes it’s challenging to deliver great content and still interact with people at the same time (especially if you’re new).

When I’m in this situation on Facebook, I say things like:

“Hey! Tell me your favorite ice cream in the comments?”

“Hey! Go ahead and give me a like or a share.”

The idea is to say something so that people start interacting with you and with your content.

You can also have people interact by giving them something to do other than just passively listening to you speak or reading your article.

The Takeaway

So, those are the 5 ways to make your content more profitable instantly!

  1. Make it fun;
  2. Make it informative;
  3. Make it useful;
  4. Make it timely;
  5. Make it interactive.

If you do that, you can instantly transform your content!

By the way, if you’d like some EXTRA tips on content profitability, check out my Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook group. That’s pretty much all we do in there!

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– Ray Burton
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